Your Body Post Pregnancy – Successfully Returning to Your Former Shape

In any woman’s life comes that moment of becoming a wife and later a mother. During pregnancy, there are great moments that you can enjoy as a becoming mother, but you may encounter few less pleasant things too. It is all about your brain and body changes. After giving birth and passing through the entire transformation process, both physically and mentally comes that moment when you look yourself into the mirror. That reflection might be a little different from the one you used to know.
But don’t panic! it is perfectly normal to look and feel different during pregnancy. Your body did an amazing job. As women, we know that our look has a big importance to our confidence and mood. It’s important for our mind’s sanity to always feel comfortable with ourselves no matter the circumstances.

Post pregnancy general body issues

  • breast changes;
  • stomach changes;
  • back pains;
  • hair loss;
  • skin loose and varicose veins

These are the most common changes your body will suffer in the upcoming period after giving birth. You can easily return to your former shape by doing regular exercises and monitoring your daily activity.

Make a daily exercising routine

Don’t start exercising earlier than 6 weeks after giving birth. A lot of the new fresh moms feel overwhelmed and even depressed for a couple of weeks or even months. It is not that hard to lose the excessive amount of fat if you start doing basic moves which help you burn calories. Start easy by taking short walks around your house or in the park. You can do your workout and enjoy spending time with the baby at the same time. After some time, you can improve your movement by adding 20 or 30 minutes of cardio exercises to your program.

Closely monitor your activity and results

Efficient and easy to use tools

The best tool for you when it comes to observing your workout progress is the body fat scale. It can provide you the right information in case you want to know if your exercising routine is bringing good results or you need to make some changes. The device uses a technology called bioelectrical impedance that can properly measure the amount of fat from your entire body.

Determine your body mass

Fat scales are also effective when you want to know which are the specific areas you need to exercise more to remove excess of fat without exhausting your body. Latest scales come with hi-tech features such as measuring the cardiac health. It can detect faster arterial speeds, meaning it can prevent you from risks of developing hypertension or cardiovascular affections.
Among its useful features, it can also determine your body mass index and calculate your body’s water percentage, muscle, and bone mass. Not only it can offer precise measurements, but it also stores an individual data for each person using it. It has automatic calibration and it’s easy to use by just steeping on it.


Did you know that breastfeeding can burn almost 800 calories per day? A daily exercise routine along with your normal activity of feeding your baby can be an easy method of losing weight. Be careful though, because as soon as you will stop breastfeeding the baby, you will need to start increasing the time and intensity of your exercises.

Tighten loose skin

Considering the fact that the skin is the longest organ of our body, it is perfectly normal that during pregnancy it tends to stretch more and more. When you start losing weight, your skin needs enough time to re-adapt and gain its normal dimension. This is why it is very important to start easy with the workout, avoid possible injuries and overloading your body. It took 9 months for your skin to change its shape, meaning it will take almost the same period to look as it did before.

Increase your water intake

Hydration has an important role in this process because it gives more elasticity to the skin. Collagen is the principal ingredient that maintains the skin elastic. By drinking plenty of water, all organs revive and start working at their proper level of functionality. Make sure you drink at least 6 glasses of water per day, or even more. A larger amount of water makes you go to the bathroom more often, leading to a better process of digestion.

Eat healthy

Yo need to make a list of natural foods that are beneficial for your health and also provide you the necessary ingredients to help you quickly get back to your shape. Proteins provide great amounts of collagen and can easily be found in cottage cheese, a lot of fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, and seeds. Even coffee can produce collagen when is regularly consumed and it is efficient for digestion too.

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