What is colic? What Causes Colic?

The answers to the questions:What is colic? What Causes Colic? Will be presented to you here. An affection which is very popular with babies is colic, this only happens at very early age. This type of affection, the newborn colic, manifests through long attacks of crying and some kind of tummy pains. A research has shown that more than 20 % of all newborn babies suffer from colic.

If you have a baby you probably know that they cry a lot for a great number of reasons. The main causes for crying are: that they are hungry, if they need their diaper changed, if they are hot or if they are tired. Apart from this category there are times when even after you have cleaned, fed and well wrapped your baby he is still crying, this could be a sign that indicates your baby has newborn colic.

Do not worry if your baby has colic because this is an affection which does not harm the baby. Usually newborn colic starts to manifest a few weeks after you baby has been born and lasts until he reaches about three to four months. As we have said earlier colic does not harm your baby’s health even though at times you may get scared on how loud your baby screams. Specialists say that during this period your baby will continue to gain weight and feed normally.

Most parents who have babies cannot stand and watch their child cry, if they can’t stop the crying they feel like they have disappointed them or that they are bad parents. This is normal because every parent loves his child dearly but if you are confrunting with newborn colic there is nothing that you can do.

Here are the symptoms which should tell you that your baby has colic:

  • Intensive cryings: if your baby has colic he will have episodes of intense crying during the day. The good news is that they will manifest at the same time every day, in the afternoon or in the evening. While your baby cries his face will become red.
  • The posture of the baby: usually a baby with colic will have a specific posture: arched back, tense abdominal muscles and have their knees drawn up.
  • Sleeping time: during this period your baby will have irregular sleeping periods due to the intensive crying.
  • Feeding time:as far as feeding is concerned the only way newborn colic will effect it will be by interrupting the meals with intense crying. You baby will want his regular amount of food.

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