Tips to Calm a Crying Newborn Baby to Sleep at Night

If during the day the baby sleeps several hours, at night he will not know how to behave. So he will start crying. However, we should not exclude that the baby may cry because he is hungry, he’s wet, he is hot or cold or something hurts him. The reasons why a baby cries are numerous and inexhaustible.

Here are some tips to calm a crying newborn baby to sleep at night:

  • Distract his attention. Parents who have tried it say it has worked to make grimaces, to make faces at him and so on. The baby is laughing and he is relaxed.
  • Take him in your arms. Sometimes the baby only needs love and attention. Take a few moments lie near him in bed, kiss him, hug him, hold him close and do not forget to tell him how much you love him. You can ‘dance’ with the baby in your arms or you can rock your baby. He will be calm, knowing you are near.
  • Skin contact. Studies show that when the baby comes into direct contact with the skin of the mother, not only that it calms him, but also strengthens the link between mother and child.
  • Change his position. Some little ones do not like to be kept in a certain position, which can cause them to cry.
  • Hum to him. Gentle songs hummed by a familiar voice calm the crying of the baby, even if the singer does not have a special talent in this regard.
  • The massage. Put the baby on his tummy and try to massage him. It happens often to fall asleep, in this case be sure he sleeps on his back, to avoid the risk of sudden death in sleep.
  • Wrap him. When babies are not yet able to process information, they may be frightened of their hands, so you can wrapped the little one in a warm blanket, which will give him the fetal feeling comfort (that he had while still in the womb).

Even the calmest parent has a limit when it deals with a fastidious baby. Knowing your limits is important for both you and your baby – when you feel you cannot handle the situation, put the baby in the crib, close the door on the outside and take a few minutes to calm down, reminding yourself that this stage will not last forever. Also, remember these tips of calming the newborn baby when he cries.

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