Tips for Finding the Best Baby Monitor

As the name itself reveals, a baby monitor can help you keep an eye on your baby and monitor what they are doing even when you are not in the same room. As with any other devices, there are various models and it is hard to tell which one will be the safest and most efficient, so this article containing tips for finding the best baby monitor will turn out to be very useful.

Two or more parents’ units

Most baby monitors consist of two units, one for the baby and one for the parent. The baby’s unit will remain in the baby’s room and will detect the actions of the baby, while the other unit can be taken away in any other room and will receive signals from the baby’s unit. For maximum peace of mind, you should choose baby monitors with two or more parent units that you can spread around the house.

Look for a high signal range

To make sure your baby monitoring system is a good one, you have to make sure that the signal between the two units is strong enough to cover long distances. There are units that lose the signal once you close a door or if you go downstairs, so make sure your unit features a strong signal that can emit information on long distances and between walls or floors. Also, the signal can be disrupted by other devices like wireless routers or cell phones that interfere with the monitor’s signal.

Sound and motion senses

A good baby monitor comes with a sleep feature, meaning the unit will enter standby if there is no motion I the baby’s room and will automatically turn on when it will sense movement or sound. This way, you will not hear the annoying hiss in the background all the time, but you will only notice the sounds created by the baby. Furthermore, there are baby monitors that can detect even the smallest movements of the baby and alert you in case the baby stops moving in their sleep or in case there are long periods of time when the baby doesn’t make a move.

The video feature is an additional advantage

The video monitoring feature is the most calming feature that helps parents sleep better knowing that they can not only hear their baby, but they can also see them and stay alert in case the baby makes a sudden and dangerous move. The video baby monitors capture images of the baby and allow you to observe the baby in real time, although the quality of the images varies and you should look for units with a high resolution that will deliver clear images.

Opt for a security camera system

Instead of a baby monitor, you can opt for one of the best wireless home security cameras that you can install in the baby’s room and supervise them all day and even all night if you opt for a camera with night vision. Besides the constant peace of mind that a surveillance camera offers you while you are at home, cameras with a remote control feature allow you to monitor the baby from a distance, meaning you can keep an eye on them while you are at work and you will be able to see how the babysitter is treating the baby. The best wireless home security cameras also offer a great video and audio quality, which makes them superior to classic baby monitors.

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