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Breathing Facts about Newborns

Every new parent feels like the most scared person on the planet; suddenly, you have this tiny, delicate life depending on your care, but you don’t feel prepared for anything and fear you might not be able to tell if the baby needs something or is ill. One of the most common stress factors for new parents, and one which deprives them of even more sleep, is the fear that their child will stop breathing during sleep; so they wake up several times during the night, even if the baby isn’t crying, to check whether everything is all right.

Some level of stress is normal, and this fear also stems from the knowledge that there is this condition called sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is when babies die in their cots from respiratory problems. However, these cases are very, very rare, and we shouldn’t lose all our sleep worrying about something that will most likely never happen. Now we also get help from technology, like baby monitors, which allow you to see and hear everything that happens in the newborn’s room. Besides this, all new mothers and fathers need to know that a child must always be laid on its back when sleeping; this will prevent any possible breathing problems, and if you feel safer like this, check the baby a few times a night to make sure he/she is in the right position.

Nobody can give you clear instructions on how to care for a baby, even if you read all the books in the world and ask advice from the best parents. How can you make sure your newborn is all right when it can breathe noisily, quietly, or even through its nose, in the same night? The answer is you just have to relax a bit and realize that this little being is as complex as anything, and it is natural for him or her to change their demeanor. If your family has a history of respiratory problems, or if the baby had some issues after birth, then you can invest in a breathing monitor. However, you must keep in mind that these monitors often send false alarms, so it may just increase your stress instead of reducing it.

It is also quite natural to be overly concerned with your baby’s respiratory system if you live in an area with very dry or very humid climate. When the air is too dry, you can search for some baby humidifiers, and install one in their room; read more baby humidifier reviews and find one which can cover an entire room, but which won’t harm the newborn in any way. It should also be as quiet as possible, otherwise it may keep the baby awake during the night. This is the best you can do for your child; if you think the issues are serious, and they are breathing too fast, too shallow, or wheezing, then visit a physician immediately.

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