Sleep Positions While Pregnant – Keep Yourself and the Baby Comfortable

Pregnancy is a gorgeous part of your life that brings you many changes and many new feelings that you have never experienced before. Aside from the wonderful emotions, pregnancy also brings some unpleasantness that will force you to change some of your old habits, one of which is sleeping. If you used to prefer a certain sleeping style, you will notice that you will have to reconsider them once your baby bump gets bigger. In order to feel comfortable and to ensure the baby is comfortable as well, you must know some useful tips that will improve your sleep.
Usually, women don’t experience any discomfort in sleeping during the first trimester because the tummy is relatively small. However, as the pregnancy advances, chances are they will no longer be able to sleep the way they used to so they have to find a new position that will benefit both them and the baby. Here are the regular body positions during sleep and how each one affects the pregnant woman.

Stomach sleeping

If you use to sleep on your stomach, you will soon notice that is no longer possible because the belly will start to grow more and more each month. As such, you will most probably feel a discomfort when sleeping on your stomach around month 4 of pregnancy. This sleeping position is not healthy for the baby because you will put pressure on the uterus and it will also keep you from breathing properly.

Back sleeping

Back sleeping is also not recommended because the bump could press on your organs and spine as it relaxes. It will also make breathing harder and could give you a suffocating sensation during the night. Most doctors advise future-to-be-moms to avoid back sleeping especially during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Side sleeping

What else is left? Side sleeping, and the left side is the most appropriate because it facilitates blood circulation so that the nutritious blood can reach the placenta without any obstacle. By sleeping on your left, you will also avoid crushing your liver under the expanding weight of your body. Of course, you will also roll on your right during the night and this isn’t something wrong but you will notice that you will turn to the left side shortly after.
Even if you fall asleep in one of these positions, chances are you will end up on your back or tummy at some point but this is no reason to panic. Don’t worry if this happens because it doesn’t mean you hurt the baby, it’s very normal to flip on every side throughout the night. The fact you wake up when it happens means that your body senses you are not comfortable and you will immediately switch to your left or right side.

Tips for a more restful sleep

Even after finding the proper sleeping position, you might have troubles falling asleep for various causes like heartburn, back pain, or shortness of breath. Thankfully, you have some things at hand that you can appeal to if you want to improve the way you sleep.

    • Change your pillow

Same as the mattress you choose for the bed, the pillow also counts when it comes to a restful sleep. The texture of the pillow matters, so make sure you get one that molds to the shape of your head so that you won’t hurt your back or neck. For a smooth breathing and the best of sleeps recommended a memory foam pillow with a bamboo cover that is totally anti-allergenic and soft to touch. The bamboo protects your face and airways from impurities by naturally repelling them, while the memory foam will provide a soft yet firm sleeping surface.

    • Use many pillows

Aside from the pillow you lay your head on, you can also use multiple smaller pillows to support your belly or your legs. At some point, the belly will be very heavy and it will be useful to have a soft pillow to place under it and sustain its weight. Another pillow to sustain the leg that remains on top will help you achieve a more comfortable position and will ensure you will not wake up multiple times during the night.

    • Sleep upright

No, we don’t mean you should sleep standing but a more upright position could help you reduce the discomfort felt when laying down. You can use some books to raise one side of the bed so that you will enjoy a more upright position or you can add a smaller pillow under the pillow you sleep on. This will help ease your heartburn and will facilitate breathing.

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