Signs of Early Pregnancy

   Getting pregnant in easier for some women and more difficult for others, but all this is good and normal as long as the pregnancy is desired. What do you do in case you suspect you’re pregnant, how can you be sure of anything? Well, the safest methods are visiting a gynecologist or taking a home pregnancy test. Yet for these to be possible you need to wait a couple of weeks so the test results can be conclusive. However, there are some signs of early pregnancy that you can look out for in order to determine what’s happening. It is also good to know about the signs of early pregnancy so you know what to expect in the first few months.

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Even though pregnancy may manifest itself differently from woman to woman, there are some symptoms that are invariable. The first and simplest of all signs of early pregnancy is the fact that your period will not come anymore. Nevertheless, there are rare cases of pregnancy where monthly menstruation still occurs, so be careful about these things. Another symptom you might experience is shortness of breath not only when exercising, running up the stairs or doing heavy chores, but in normal circumstances as well. The cause of this symptom is that the baby growing inside you needs oxygen as well so it shares some of yours; it could also be caused by the fact that the growing fetus is pressing on your diaphragm.

Most women experience sore breasts some days before or during menstruation; this is a hormonal reaction that you may feel as a result of pregnancy as well. Your areolas may darken as well, so all these combined may be a sign of pregnancy. One of the more common signs of early pregnancy is fatigue and this is experienced by most women in the first trimester.

We’ve all seen those movies with women getting nauseous without knowing why only to later discover they were pregnant. Unfortunately, this is not a movie trick, but it’s something that many women experience, to the point that it may cause vomiting. However, it is not a cause for concern, only a natural reaction that may occur mostly in the mornings, but around noon or evening as well. There are many more signs and symptoms that occur in the first trimester of a pregnancy, but the only one we’ll be mentioning here is frequent urination. This is a natural occurrence as well, because the growing fetus is pressing on your bladder and it also makes you feel thirstier and consume more liquids.

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