What is colic? What Causes Colic?

The answers to the questions:What is colic? What Causes Colic? Will be presented to you here. An affection which is very popular with babies is colic, this only happens at very early age. This type of affection, the newborn colic, manifests through long attacks of crying and some kind of tummy pains. A research has shown that more than 20 % of all newborn babies suffer from colic.

If you have a baby you probably know that they cry a lot for a great number of reasons. The main causes for crying are: that they are hungry, if they need their diaper changed, if they are hot or if they are tired. Apart from this category there are times when even after you have cleaned, fed and well wrapped your baby he is still crying, this could be a sign that indicates your baby has newborn colic.

Do not worry if your baby has colic because this is an affection which does not harm the baby. Usually newborn colic starts to manifest a few weeks after you baby has been born and lasts until he reaches about three to four months. As we have said earlier colic does not harm your baby’s health even though at times you may get scared on how loud your baby screams. Specialists say that during this period your baby will continue to gain weight and feed normally.

Most parents who have babies cannot stand and watch their child cry, if they can’t stop the crying they feel like they have disappointed them or that they are bad parents. This is normal because every parent loves his child dearly but if you are confrunting with newborn colic there is nothing that you can do.

Here are the symptoms which should tell you that your baby has colic:

  • Intensive cryings: if your baby has colic he will have episodes of intense crying during the day. The good news is that they will manifest at the same time every day, in the afternoon or in the evening. While your baby cries his face will become red.
  • The posture of the baby: usually a baby with colic will have a specific posture: arched back, tense abdominal muscles and have their knees drawn up.
  • Sleeping time: during this period your baby will have irregular sleeping periods due to the intensive crying.
  • Feeding time:as far as feeding is concerned the only way newborn colic will effect it will be by interrupting the meals with intense crying. You baby will want his regular amount of food.

We hope that the answers to What is colic?  What Causes Colic? were of great us for you.


How to Swaddle a Baby

It is very important for a mother to know how to swaddle a baby because you will need to do it for the first period of its life.Adjusting to this new world can be a challenge for a newborn since he has been used to living in a safe environment, your womb.

The first few weeks can be very tiring for you and the baby but what you can do to smoothen the transition of your baby is swaddle him which basically means wrapping him in a soft blanket and cuddle him. Here we are going to tell you why you should swaddle your baby and give you the steps on how to do so.

Why you should swaddle your baby:

  •  if your baby has a hard time going to bed
  • if he is scared by his muscle movements
  •  if he gets scared very easily
  • if your baby feel uncomfortable no matter the reason
  • if you baby feels somehow uncomfortable by the free movements of his arms and legs


Here are some important things which you should know about swaddling:

  • Only swaddle your baby in the first month of his life because after this period you will restrict him from developing his movement.
  • When you swaddle your baby do not do it in a very heated room because you will increase the risk factor for SIDS
  • Your baby may not like to be swaddled, if this is the case you should not do it. You should pay attention on what your baby wants and does not want.
  • Another way to make your baby feel safe is to hold your baby in a sling type carrier.


How to swaddle a baby:

  • Get a soft blanket and fold one corner of it down.
  • Place your baby in the middle of the blanket with his head always above the edge.
  • Pull the left side of the blanket over the baby making sure that the right arm of the baby is securely placed near the body. After that lift the left arm of the baby and tuck the left side under him.
  • Pull the bottom of the blanket up and tuck it in to the first swathe after which you have to pull the remaining corner and secure his left arm.
  • Pull the blanket as far as you can under your baby and pick up your baby making sure at the same time that he is snugly wrapped.

These are the basic information on how to swaddle a baby, we hope that they were useful to you.Do not be afraid if your baby wiggles his arms out of the blanket, he may not like having him arms confined.

How to Keep Newborns Awake During the Day?

As a mother it is important to know how to keep newborns awake during the day if you want to sleep more during the night.It could become very tiring for parents when when their babies confuse day with night thus sleeping more during the day and staying away during the night.

When you baby sleeps more during the day you schedule is off balance because you know that when night comes you will be awaken almost all night. If you leave you baby this way along the way you will have a hard time settling him to a sleeping schedule.The only way to make your baby sleep more during the night is to keep awake your newborn during the day.

Here we are going to give you some advice on how to keep newborns awake during the day.

  • During the day you should keep all the rooms from your house illuminated because if your baby sees the light he will not be drowned to sleep. This dies not mean that you have to move the crib in the sunlight or to place a lamp near the crib, just make sure that it has light.
  • Smooth music is one element which can put your baby to sleep, a thing which you should avoid playing with newborn during the day. Thus type of music is perfect at night when you are trying to put your baby to sleep but not during the day.
  • Never leave you baby in a swaddle all day long, you should only do this during the night. What you should do is take you baby out of the swaddle in the morning and dress him with thick clothes just to make sure he does not catch a cold.
  • In order to keep you baby awake you should keep him active. Fill the day with fun activities, such as playing with toys.
  • You should avoid placing you baby into a swaddling machine because this will make you baby go to sleep. You should keep this for the evening when you want to put you baby to sleep.
  • You should stick to a baby feeding and napping schedule. Newborns eat every 3 or 4 hours which means that they will get up every 3 or 4 hours. Naps are longer for a newborn during the day this being translated into less sleep at night. What you can do is make the naps during the day shorter so that when the night comes you baby will sleep longer.

This is how you keep awake your newborn during the day, we hope that you will manage to do so in not time.

How to Start Breastfeeding Your Newborn

It is vital for a first mother to know how to start breastfeeding your newborn because your baby will need to be fed. A newborn has great impact on any mother’s life. At an early stage the baby will rely on you for everything, you will have to make sure that he has all the thing that he wants and that you attend to all his needs.

You will have to make a lot of decisions and you will have to make sure that they are the right ones for your baby. This period is also a bonding time between a mother and her baby and the best way to do this is by breastfeeding. Newborn breastfeeding is the best way to for a relationship with your baby not to mention that it is the healthiest way of feeding.

How to prepare for newborn breastfeeding:

  • The first thing you have to do is take a comfortable chair and sit on it. Try to pick a chair which has arms because it will help you while you are holding the baby.
  • Pick on which side you want to start your newborn breastfeeding. If you are a right arm you should start with your right if not start with your left. We are going to explain to you how to do it on the right side. Before you begin your newborn breastfeeding place a pillow under your right arm.
  • Now you can take you baby and place his head on the right bend of your right elbow. After you have done this the rest of your baby’s body will relax in his stomach. His face should be aimed towards the ceiling.
  • The actual feeding can begin, pull your shirt up and take out your right breast so that you baby can reach it. If you have a traditional bra you have to take it off, on the other hand if you have a nursing bra all you have to do is unsnap the cup.
  • Now it is time to change the position of your baby. With your right arm change the position of your baby so that he no longer faces the ceiling but your breast.

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for breastfeeding it is time to actually feed your baby. Take your breast and move the nipple gently over your baby’s mouth, in no time he will start sucking on it. To make sure that he gets enough nipple into his mouth move him closer to your body using your right arm.

Baby Food and Infant Formula

Baby’s food should be handled very carefully by the mother or the caretaker because an early stage babies do not have a very strong immune system which means that they are exposed to food illnesses. You should pay attention when you are preparing your baby’s food or formula. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to be safe when making food for your baby.

The first step in making safe baby food is to was you hands because hands carry a lot of germs which you can pass on to your child. Germs come from all sources: cats, dogs, when changing diapers or raw food. A tip which not many people know of is to wash your hands after you have handled the food.

Always check the package of you baby’s food because on the label you might find information which says that the food is contaminated:

  • if you want to give you baby food out of a jar you should always look for cracks, rusty lids and for the safety button to be down. Also, when you open the jar it should pop, if it does not that means that the food is not fresh.
  • If you had in mind a a plastic pouch than you should be looking for a any leaks and if the bag has swollen. If you find any of the two or both on the package than you can throw the food away.

Never give your baby food twice from the same jar. If your baby could not finish its food the last time and you put it in the refrigerator it is not a good idea to give it to your baby the second time. This advice applies to when you serve the food directly from the jar. What you should do is take an amount of food which you know you baby will eat on a clean dish and put into the refrigerator the rest.

Another thing which you should never do is put your baby’s spoon in you mouth or anyone else. When you want to convince you baby to try the food simply get another spoon.

When it comes to formula many people say that the best milk is the one given by the mother, breast milk. But when you have no choice you have to choose infant formula. The important things that you should keep in mind are: never give you baby cow milk under the age of a yea rand never give him raw milk because it is full of germs and bacteria.

Feeding Schedule for a Baby

It can be quite difficult for a new parent to handle all the needs and wants of a baby, all the feeding, changing and sleeping. When it comes to feeding every stage of a baby´s life brings a certain amount of milk that a baby needs in order to grow strong and healthy. Making a schedule for your baby´s feeding can be very helpful because you will be able to do other thing that worry when it is time to feed the baby again. If you do this at one point the baby will follow this schedule naturally. Here are some tips on how to make a feeding schedule for a baby.

Over the years there have been many debates regarding the feeding of the baby, to be more exact feeding when the baby is hungry or feeding him on demand. Feeding should always occur whet the baby is hungry and not when you planned it. The key to a successful schedule is to build it around your baby´s habits. It you pay attention to your baby´s own time of feeding you will be able to construct one yourself. You will see that as they grow older they will start to eat more but not as often.

If you want to realize faster when you baby is hungry all you have to do is look for the signs which indicate that you baby wants to be fed. You should look for signs like: sucking of the thumb and hand to mouth movements. The faster you see the signs the less chance you have on upsetting your baby. Through this you also prevent a lot of crying coming from your baby, an action which can become exhausting for mothers.

After a few weeks of observing him and his feeding habits you will be able to make a feeding schedule. Most babies ask for food every three or four hours.

As far as when it is time to stop feeding him is concerned we are here to tell you that he will let you know when he has had enough, he will refuse to eat. Now that he has had his feeding all that is left to do is burp him and let him rest for a little while. Whatever you do don´t force you baby to eat more than he wants because that could lead to health problems and you don´t want to hurt you baby.

Newborn Babies and Sleep

When you have a newborn you are facing a lot of sleepless night mainly because they get up every couple of hours to eat. This period in a parent’s life can be very stressful and exhausting but as your baby grows you will be able to sleep more during the night. If you do not set up a routine for your baby you will be facing some serious problems. Through this routine you will teach your baby when it is time for bed.

If you want your baby to sleep more during the day the key is establishing a routine. In this routine you should not bring a lot of activities, keep it simple. It should be simple enough that your baby knows when it is time for bed. The most common activities used by parents are bathing and singing a song or reading a book. If you stick to this problem every single night at one point your baby will get the hang of it.

When they are very little babies cannot make the difference between night and day which mean that you have to figure a way to teach them. We advise you to keep the light on and the blind open during the day and keep the room as dark as possible during the night. This way you baby will know that when it is dark it means it is time for bed and when there is light its day. If you baby happens to wake up during the night don´t play with him for too long because then it will be very hard for you to get him back to bed.

Make a sleeping schedule for your baby, he should have a couple of naps during the day and sleep at night. They key is to make the naps shorter during the days so that when night comes he will be tired enough to go to sleep.

Let him fall asleep on his own. If you stay by him all the time till he falls asleep you will never get a decent night of sleep. What you have to do is teach him to go back to bed on his own.

Even though all this tips work every baby is different and you should be patient. If you have a newborn you should take your time and let him learn in his own pace.

Newborn Baby Care

Caring for a newborn in not so easy, it does not matter if you are a first time parent or if you are an experienced one. Because parents hear a lot of stories regarding how their life is going to change when the baby comes home: sleepless nights, diaper changing and feeding him they become nervous and not sure what to expect. Some women tell stories about how hard they tried to have a baby and before didn’t even know what is in vitro fertilization, but now they are tired all the time. And after all, what is in vitro fertilization without thousand of dollars spent and regular visits to the doctors. Taking care of a newborn is a very big responsibility which means that you have to be prepared mentally and learn the basics because one you learn them everything will fall into place.

You should make a schedule for your baby´s feeding this way you will know when it´s the right time. Besides this you should offer your baby some options regarding the way of feeding: by sucking the breast or through a bottle. At this early stage you baby will eat once every three or four hours which means you always have to be prepared. Newborns do not drink too much milk about 1.5 oz of breast milk or formula. Before you feed your baby always test the milk to see if it not too hot.

When your newborn is tired put him to sleep because at this stage sleeping is very important. They sleep about 18 hours per day but the down side is that they split those hours into 3 or 4 hours of naps. Make sure that you baby is sleeping on his back at all times because you o not want to risk him falling asleep on his tummy and experience infant death syndrome.

Your baby will need a lot of diaper changing which means that you constantly have to make sure that the diaper is clean. After every diaper change wash your hand with great care because you do not want to spread germs.

Since a newborn is very easy you should give him every day a sponge bath. At this stage it is not recommended to give him a regular bath but if he likes it it´s ok. Also make sure you change his clothes during the day because they tend to become moist from the diapers and spit and spilled formula.

Care for your baby at all times because you are responsible for him and because at this age he needs you to do everything for him. Dress you baby in warm clothes to keep the temperature of his body normal and help him fall asleep using different toys or lullabies.

How to Give a Newborn a Bath

Giving a baby a bath can be stressful for anyone, especially if you are a first time mom, because you are afraid that you are going to hurt him or that you are not going to do it right. Even though you may be scared the first time you will get the used to it in no time. Normally in the first weeks of the baby´s life you do not need to actually put him in a baby tub and was him, a wet sponge is enough to clean your baby. However, if you notice that you baby is to afraid of the water, that he likes taking a bath you should give him on. Here we are going to present you some tips on how to give your baby a bath.

  • The first step when giving a bath to your baby is gather all the items that you will need for the bath: a towel, some washcloths and baby´s cosmetics.
  • Prepare the after bath stage before the actual bath, this way your baby will not start crying because he is cold and you will not be running around looking for the stuff that you need. All you have to do is set aside a soft towel, a clean diaper and the baby´ clothes.
  • Now that you have got that out of the way you can fill the baby tub or a small basin with water. The water should not be more than 38 degrees and it should reach the baby´s shoulders when he is lying down.
  • Get your baby out of his clothes and place him in the water. You should do this gentle first the feet and then the whole body.
  • Once the baby is in the water you can start cleaning him. Get a washcloth and dip it in the water, add some cleanser and clean your baby from top to bottom. From time to time power some water on your baby so he does not get cold.
  • After you have finished cleaning him get him out of the sink but be careful because their skin is wet which means that they are slippery. Make sure that you hold the firmly.
  • Dry you baby by placing him on the towel and wrapping him with it. All that´s left to do is get him dressed and put him to sleep.
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