Newborn Baby Facts

If you are expecting to become a mother then newborn baby facts are pieces of information that you simply must know. Having a newborn can be somewhat frustrating and hectic for new parents because they grow up so fast and change from one mood to another in just a second.

First we are going to talk about the appearance of a newborn baby. When your baby is born he may not look as you would expect him to, he may not have the shape of the head or the skin tone you have expected. You should know that when a baby is born his skin can be purple or dark red, but this should not alarm you because it is something normal. The skin tone will change in the next days because the baby is getting air into his body. If you notice that the feet and hands do not change their color do not be alarmed because the color will disappear in a couple of days.

Another concern that you may have regarding your newborn baby is the shape of its head. When you first see him the shape is similar to a cone but that is just because the walls of the baby’s head are very flexible and they changed they form when the head was pushed through the birth canal. You will see that in a couple of days you baby’s head will look normal, it will take about a week.

When parents first see their babies they get scared when they notice all the hair and the while substance that covers the baby’s body. These things are normal. The hair will fall off in a couple of days and the white substance is the one who covered the baby during the pregnancy in order to protect him from the amniotic fluid.

You newborn baby will only be able to see about 12 inches far from him. As he gets older his sight will develop and he will be able to see you and the things that surround him. They have a very good hearing and they will turn to you if you call for them or if you speak to him.

These are some of the newborn baby facts that you should know before your baby is born, in order to be more at ease it is important that you know all of these. Be informed and stay calm.


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