Newborn Babies and Sleep

When you have a newborn you are facing a lot of sleepless night mainly because they get up every couple of hours to eat. This period in a parent’s life can be very stressful and exhausting but as your baby grows you will be able to sleep more during the night. If you do not set up a routine for your baby you will be facing some serious problems. Through this routine you will teach your baby when it is time for bed.

If you want your baby to sleep more during the day the key is establishing a routine. In this routine you should not bring a lot of activities, keep it simple. It should be simple enough that your baby knows when it is time for bed. The most common activities used by parents are bathing and singing a song or reading a book. If you stick to this problem every single night at one point your baby will get the hang of it.

When they are very little babies cannot make the difference between night and day which mean that you have to figure a way to teach them. We advise you to keep the light on and the blind open during the day and keep the room as dark as possible during the night. This way you baby will know that when it is dark it means it is time for bed and when there is light its day. If you baby happens to wake up during the night don´t play with him for too long because then it will be very hard for you to get him back to bed.

Make a sleeping schedule for your baby, he should have a couple of naps during the day and sleep at night. They key is to make the naps shorter during the days so that when night comes he will be tired enough to go to sleep.

Let him fall asleep on his own. If you stay by him all the time till he falls asleep you will never get a decent night of sleep. What you have to do is teach him to go back to bed on his own.

Even though all this tips work every baby is different and you should be patient. If you have a newborn you should take your time and let him learn in his own pace.

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