Keep Your Newborn Room Safe with the Latest Gadgets

The arrival of a new member of the family is always a big event, which can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it is the first time happening. Everybody is eager to see the baby, and you, as a parent-to-be start thinking about how to make everything right for your little one’s health and safety. You will pay attention to the materials used when renovating the baby’s room, you’ll look for furniture that hasn’t been chemically treated and allergen-free bedding and little clothes.

But, there’s still the question if you will be able to keep your little one safe every moment of the day. It is actually every parent’s worry, and your parents have struggled with it as well. But they managed to pull things through, and you came up just fine, so you should just take a moment to relax and think that, fortunately, you are living in an era when baby monitoring is at hand. You’ve got plenty of devices designed to control air quality, humidity, temperature, and even the baby’s vital signs, so your job has just become easier.

If the nursery is ready, the next step is to turn it smart, and we’ve prepared some gadget ideas. Many parents already view these products as mandatory, so you should consider expand your baby room budget and get the best for your child.

Air Purifier

You have just painted the room, haven’t you? Then cleaned it thoroughly, even disinfected it. And brought in new furniture. That’s perfect, as your little one deserves the best. But the bad news is that paint may have released some VOCs, and the cleaning products may have done the same. Moreover, new furniture can carry allergens and other pollutants that stick to it during the production process. To put it short, the air may not be as clean as you would expect. Not to mention that contaminants can easily get inside. An open window will bring in pollen and dust while your pets, no matter how clean they are, will leave behind fur and dander. Even you can be a source if you come from outside carrying pollen on your clothes.

Babies are more sensitive than adults when it comes to air pollution, so solving this problem should be your priority. Luckily, an air purifier is at hand, and the most effective in fighting this problem, according to specialists. Just make sure to get one with a HEPA filter and CARB certification, which is the one that guarantees it won’t catch on fire. Besides that, your device should be able to cover the entire room while maintaining a low sound level. You could also get one with a monitoring function, which will measure pollution levels and adjust its activity to fight it efficiently.


Small infants tend to struggle with nasal congestion during their first months of life, and this is usually caused by low humidity. As the air lacks moisture, their tiny airways become dry, making breathing more difficult. This is actually one of the causes of their night restlessness.

If it is relatively easy to find a suitable air purifier, with humidifiers things may not go as smoothly as you expect. Multiple criteria need to be considered, and you will probably go through tens of reviews until you can get a unit to encompass them all, starting from the technology behind, which should produce cool mist only, and ending with details designed to ensure your baby’s comfort, like noise level or light options. You must also make sure the device comes with an auto shut-off function and different speed settings that will allow you to adjust humidity levels.

Note that some models are specifically designed for nurseries and come with funny animal shapes, star projections for the ceiling, or soothing lights. Many of them follow the safety criteria we’ve described, and some even come with a built-in hygrometer that helps them automatically adjust moisture output.

Baby Monitor

This is no longer a novelty among new parents, and many of them will tell you that getting the right device will bring you a few extra hours of sleep every night. Trust us, you will cherish them when the beautiful but extremely tiring parent life begins.

However, what you need to decide at this point is what type of monitor you will need. You could get an analog model, which is the cheapest of all, but most models aren’t safe enough, according to some parents, who have used them, as the signal can be picked up by another device. It wasn’t uncommon in the past for neighbors to listen to full conversations through the baby monitor. Hence, today’s increasing popularity of digital models. Even if you will pay more, you can get the assurance that no one’s listening. Plus, the quality of the signal is far superior, making it easier for you to distinguish between your baby’s cry and background sounds.

You should also decide if you are going to get an audio-only or a video and audio system. The second option is the most reliable, as you will be able to check on your baby on your phone or laptop every time you hear a suspicious noise, all without entering the room and waking them up. Additionally, if you go for this option, make sure to get the night vision.

Digital Room Thermometer

Another parameter that needs to be kept under control, temperature can influence the baby’s comfort and sleep. If the room is too cold, your little one can come up with colds more often or even develop breathing problems. At the same time, they may experience shivers through the night, which is the body’s way to increase its temperature. On the other hand, if it is too hot, your baby will sweat, and imagine how uncomfortable this could be when you are wearing a diaper.

A digital thermometer hung on the wall or placed on a nightstand can offer you accurate temperature readouts that can help you adjust the power of your heating or cooling system. Furthermore, some of these devices can measure humidity as well, so you can keep track of two variables at the same time.

Smart Sock Baby Monitor

New parents’ highest fear is that their child may stop breathing in their sleep without them noticing. SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is the main cause of death in infants under one year old, and this has been linked to the sleep position. Thus, babies who sleep on their stomachs are more prone to suffocate in their sleep, as they tend to inhale the same air they exhale, thus breathing more CO2.

Although this problem is rare, you could avoid it by teaching your little one to sleep on their back. But, even so, many parents still live with the worry and find it difficult to rest because of it. Fortunately, the solution is already available on large scale, and it consists of a smart sock baby monitor. Thus, you attach the smart sock to your baby’s little foot and start monitoring their heart rate and oxygen levels, making sure they stay safe during their sleep. These devices can pair with your phone and even alert you through push notifications if they detect an irregularity.


Parents would do anything to know their child is safe, so it is normal to be worried. But the world has changed twice since you were a kid, and parenting has become a bit easier. There’s still the struggle of adapting to the new life, but with all the technology around, you can get more sleep and be able to enjoy the beautiful moments of this full-time job. You may think that you won’t need all of this, or, if the budget doesn’t allow it, you may need to make a selection. In this case, you will want to follow your instinct. If your baby is sleeping in the same room with you, you can skip the baby monitor and the smart socks. However, if you live in an area with high pollution, you should pick a high-quality air purifier and restrict access to the nursery while if your home is positioned in a desert area, the humidifier is a must.

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