How to Wash Newborn Clothes

Baby laundry is a common problem for parents who do not know exactly what to do or what products to choose. Baby’s skin is very sensitive in the first years of life, and you will notice that his skin is prone to irritation, without the need for a reason. To protect the baby against skin irritation is important to follow some rules when you wash his clothes.

Steps for washing newborn clothes:

  • Choosing the detergent. Normal detergents for washing clothes can be quite harsh for baby’s delicate skin. Try to buy the ‘Sensitive’ formula, without perfume or a detergent specially-formulated for babies from pharmacies.
  • New clothes must be washed too. Wash baby’s new clothing too, before wearing them, because there is a risk that the fabrics have certain chemicals that cause allergic reactions.
  • Set the washing machine. Wash baby clothes at the lowest level of heat of the washing machine. In this way bacteria will be removed and clothes will not shrink. You can dry them using the electric dryer, but in the same way, at the lowest level of heat for not to shrink. This will keep the colors bright for longer.
  • Rinsing. Rinse the clothes twice in the washing machine to remove all traces of detergent.

You must be very careful of the products you use when you wash your newborn’s clothes. Harsh soaps and perfumes are known sources of allergies even in adults, and a newborn is more prone to them. Exposing the baby to harsh chemicals or perfumes increases the risk of allergies later, especially if there is a family member who has already this problem. As a general rule, baby’s clothes should be washed separately of the rest of the family.

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