How to Swaddle a Baby

It is very important for a mother to know how to swaddle a baby because you will need to do it for the first period of its life.Adjusting to this new world can be a challenge for a newborn since he has been used to living in a safe environment, your womb.

The first few weeks can be very tiring for you and the baby but what you can do to smoothen the transition of your baby is swaddle him which basically means wrapping him in a soft blanket and cuddle him. Here we are going to tell you why you should swaddle your baby and give you the steps on how to do so.

Why you should swaddle your baby:

  •  if your baby has a hard time going to bed
  • if he is scared by his muscle movements
  •  if he gets scared very easily
  • if your baby feel uncomfortable no matter the reason
  • if you baby feels somehow uncomfortable by the free movements of his arms and legs


Here are some important things which you should know about swaddling:

  • Only swaddle your baby in the first month of his life because after this period you will restrict him from developing his movement.
  • When you swaddle your baby do not do it in a very heated room because you will increase the risk factor for SIDS
  • Your baby may not like to be swaddled, if this is the case you should not do it. You should pay attention on what your baby wants and does not want.
  • Another way to make your baby feel safe is to hold your baby in a sling type carrier.


How to swaddle a baby:

  • Get a soft blanket and fold one corner of it down.
  • Place your baby in the middle of the blanket with his head always above the edge.
  • Pull the left side of the blanket over the baby making sure that the right arm of the baby is securely placed near the body. After that lift the left arm of the baby and tuck the left side under him.
  • Pull the bottom of the blanket up and tuck it in to the first swathe after which you have to pull the remaining corner and secure his left arm.
  • Pull the blanket as far as you can under your baby and pick up your baby making sure at the same time that he is snugly wrapped.

These are the basic information on how to swaddle a baby, we hope that they were useful to you.Do not be afraid if your baby wiggles his arms out of the blanket, he may not like having him arms confined.

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