How to Start Breastfeeding Your Newborn

It is vital for a first mother to know how to start breastfeeding your newborn because your baby will need to be fed. A newborn has great impact on any mother’s life. At an early stage the baby will rely on you for everything, you will have to make sure that he has all the thing that he wants and that you attend to all his needs.

You will have to make a lot of decisions and you will have to make sure that they are the right ones for your baby. This period is also a bonding time between a mother and her baby and the best way to do this is by breastfeeding. Newborn breastfeeding is the best way to for a relationship with your baby not to mention that it is the healthiest way of feeding.

How to prepare for newborn breastfeeding:

  • The first thing you have to do is take a comfortable chair and sit on it. Try to pick a chair which has arms because it will help you while you are holding the baby.
  • Pick on which side you want to start your newborn breastfeeding. If you are a right arm you should start with your right if not start with your left. We are going to explain to you how to do it on the right side. Before you begin your newborn breastfeeding place a pillow under your right arm.
  • Now you can take you baby and place his head on the right bend of your right elbow. After you have done this the rest of your baby’s body will relax in his stomach. His face should be aimed towards the ceiling.
  • The actual feeding can begin, pull your shirt up and take out your right breast so that you baby can reach it. If you have a traditional bra you have to take it off, on the other hand if you have a nursing bra all you have to do is unsnap the cup.
  • Now it is time to change the position of your baby. With your right arm change the position of your baby so that he no longer faces the ceiling but your breast.

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for breastfeeding it is time to actually feed your baby. Take your breast and move the nipple gently over your baby’s mouth, in no time he will start sucking on it. To make sure that he gets enough nipple into his mouth move him closer to your body using your right arm.

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