How To Protect Your Child By Sterilizing The Baby Bottles

Children are very vulnerable to diseases especially in the first years of their life due to the fact that their immune system is rather undeveloped. A lot of people may argue that compared to various periods of time in history, the modern society is surrounded by cleaner and safer environments. However our eating habits are not as healthy as they used to be before the development of mass productions. As a result our immunity system is weaker so even though there are less threats we are more vulnerable. One of the most important steps in protecting your child from bacteria and viruses is sterilizing the baby bottles. There are many ways in which you can make sure that the bottles that your child comes in contact with are sterile.

In most countries the sanitary water is clean enough in order to remove bacteria especially when you also use soap. As a result a lot of people don’t put a lot of effort into sterilizing the baby bottles. Although normal washing removes most of the bacteria, it does not remove it all. The remaining bacteria can pose a certain threat to your baby. It mostly depends of the immune system of each baby. However if you don’t want to take any chances the best thing to do is sterilize the bottles. The easiest way to do this is by either using a sterilizing kit or using a dishwasher. Modern dishwashers have a sanitizing feature which makes the whole process a lot easier for you. If you are interested in purchasing such an appliance you should first check some dishwasher review websites. This way you will be able to match and compare different appliances with similar features. Since you are investing in a new dish washing equipment with a sanitizing function you should also make sure that it is power and water efficient.

A dishwasher is a good investment as it helps you save time and money. However if you don’t have the necessary money at the moment there are other less expensive ways of sterilizing the baby bottles. The most basic way to do this is to boil some water in a pot. Once it reaches the boiling temperature remove it from the heat and submerge the baby bottles in the water for a few minutes. This will instantly remove all the bacteria. While there are no sterilizing restrictions for bottles, you should check the packaging of nipples and pacifiers as not all of them react well to boiling water.

A baby’s health is the most important thing for a mother therefore you should be fully informed of the consequences of your decisions. Before choosing not to sterilize the baby bottles you should at least test the water to make sure that it is clean enough. Furthermore if you choose to purchase a dishwasher make sure you first consult a dishwasher review. This way you can get proper information about the appliance’s main features as well as the efficiency of the sanitizing function. Last but not least make sure that the material from which the nipples and pacifiers are made of can handle hot water.

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