How to Make Sure that Your Baby Breathes Clean Air

Most of the pediatricians recommend parents to use a cool mist humidifier in order to provide the best indoor environment for their babies. Although these types of appliances are great when it comes to achieving the proper level of humidity for your little one, there are certain aspects that you must pay attention to. The most important thing that you must do is make sure that your humidifier won’t affect the quality of the air that your little one breathes.

Due to the fact that they are very sensitive, toddlers are very exposed to catching colds. Therefore, besides bringing your child to the doctor to obtain a proper treatment you can also install a baby humidifier in his room. The best humidifiers for kids are those that can release cool mist into the air, because, unlike warm mist humidifiers they can’t cause burns and other types of injuries. However, a cool mist humidifier doesn’t have the capacity to kill bacteria by boiling the water that it releases into the air, so you have to find other methods of ensuring that they don’t affect the quality of your indoor air.

How to use a cool mist humidifier so that impurities won’t be released into the air?

The most important detail that you must focus on is to respect that manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Therefore, you must throw away all the remaining water that you can find in the unit’s reservoir after each use, and you must fill its water tank with fresh water when you are about to use the machine again.

Water that stays for too long in the same place can develop bacteria, and if your humidifier uses contaminated water to add moisture into the air, it will release spores and germs into the room, so your indoor air will become polluted as well. Moreover, we suggest you to buy an appliance that integrates an anti-microbial water tank, because that can prevent bacteria from growing and it will eliminate all the risks that we talked about before.

Another thing that you must focus on focus on involves analyzing the impurities that your water contains. Chlorine, heavy metals and chemicals can have a devastating impact on your baby’s health, so you must make sure that your tap water is free of all these threatening elements. If you want to create a safe indoor environment, you can opt for using distilled water to achieve a proper level of humidity, or you can choose to install an air purifier in your home. Check out the best air purifier brands 2015, read several reviews and make sure that you choose a safe air purifier, one which only eliminated the dangerous air contaminants without releasing any toxic byproducts such as ozone. Focus on the best air purifier brands 2015 because big brands are more trustworthy since they can afford to make more tests and they also offer better customer support services.

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