How to Keep Newborns Awake During the Day?

As a mother it is important to know how to keep newborns awake during the day if you want to sleep more during the night.It could become very tiring for parents when when their babies confuse day with night thus sleeping more during the day and staying away during the night.

When you baby sleeps more during the day you schedule is off balance because you know that when night comes you will be awaken almost all night. If you leave you baby this way along the way you will have a hard time settling him to a sleeping schedule.The only way to make your baby sleep more during the night is to keep awake your newborn during the day.

Here we are going to give you some advice on how to keep newborns awake during the day.

  • During the day you should keep all the rooms from your house illuminated because if your baby sees the light he will not be drowned to sleep. This dies not mean that you have to move the crib in the sunlight or to place a lamp near the crib, just make sure that it has light.
  • Smooth music is one element which can put your baby to sleep, a thing which you should avoid playing with newborn during the day. Thus type of music is perfect at night when you are trying to put your baby to sleep but not during the day.
  • Never leave you baby in a swaddle all day long, you should only do this during the night. What you should do is take you baby out of the swaddle in the morning and dress him with thick clothes just to make sure he does not catch a cold.
  • In order to keep you baby awake you should keep him active. Fill the day with fun activities, such as playing with toys.
  • You should avoid placing you baby into a swaddling machine because this will make you baby go to sleep. You should keep this for the evening when you want to put you baby to sleep.
  • You should stick to a baby feeding and napping schedule. Newborns eat every 3 or 4 hours which means that they will get up every 3 or 4 hours. Naps are longer for a newborn during the day this being translated into less sleep at night. What you can do is make the naps during the day shorter so that when the night comes you baby will sleep longer.

This is how you keep awake your newborn during the day, we hope that you will manage to do so in not time.

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