How to Hold a Newborn Baby

In the first days, even the simple gesture to hold your baby will be the most complicated thing for you. Here are some tips how to hold your baby in your arms properly.

  • To soothe your baby, cuddle him by holding his bottom with the left hand, and with the right had hold his head and neck.
  • Another way is to hold the baby with his chest on your shoulder, while with one arm you support his back, and with the other arm you support his bottom.
  • The ideal position to calm down the screaming of your baby is to put an arm between his legs supporting his belly, while with the other arm you support his hip. This is a position that is good to practice between meals.
  • The baby likes to look into his mother’s eyes, holding his legs supported on her like springs. To help the baby, hold him by the armpits with both hands, with your thumb facing forward, and the other fingers backward, to 45 ° from your body.
  • Keep the baby in a sitting position with his back against your chest, and your knees are the most comfortable chair for him.
  • When your baby wants to sleep you look eye to eye with your baby in the rocking position. You fix his head on your arm, while you put the other arm through the legs and you support his waist.
  • Another way to hold a newborn baby is to keep your baby with his back against your chest and grab his chest with one hand fixed in an armpit, while with the other hand you support him between the legs to the waist. You can play with him this way.


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