How to Decorate an Eco Nursery

The nursery, is the first place that the baby will know as home. It is a room, where they should feel safe and secure. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that their homes are filled with numerous unseen toxins and pollutants. At the other pole, a lot of young parents are overprotective and they might develop a bacteria phobia out of the concern for their baby’s well being. Today, we want to teach you how to decorate an Eco-nursery. We will tell you about the real dangers in your home and the proper ways of protecting your baby’s health.

Step 1: Non toxic wall paint

Painting the walls is generally the first step of decorating a room and a lot of people are unaware of the dangers posed by wall paint. If you want to protect your baby from all possible treats, make sure to buy an Eco paint. The paint should be odorless and 100% VOC free.

Step 2: General cleaning

Before you start shopping for baby furniture and decorations, we advise you to do a general cleaning of the room. Don’t use any chemical based cleaning products in order to clean the nursery. Instead, use a steam cleaner which will disinfect the room without leaving behind any toxic byproducts.

Step 3: Identify pollution threats

If you live in a small town or the countryside, you needn’t worry about pollution too much. It is necessary for the baby to come in contact with certain bacteria, so that they can develop a healthy immune system. However, if you live downtown a crowded city, you need to find a way to tone down the pollution levels in your home, especially in the nursery. We advise you to check out some air purifier reviews from It is best if you avoid ozone generating air purifiers and focus on Eco air cleaners which use the purifying properties of plants.

Step 4: Organic crib mattress

Mattresses are perfect environments for the development of bacteria. Furthermore, traditional mattresses are built with toxic materials such as polyurethane foam, PVC and much more. Given the fact that a baby sleeps 10-14 hours per day, it is essential to find the best baby mattress 2015, preferably an Eco mattress which will pose no threat to the baby. Keep in mind that certain mattresses are labeled as organic but they can still contain toxic materials such as vinyl coverings. Make sure to read the label properly and choose only the best baby mattress 2015.

A lot of people frown on overprotective parents and they say when they were young parents, they didn’t worry this much and their children turned out just fine. However, these people are unaware of the fact that our world has changed greatly in the last decades and our environment is a lot more toxic than it used to be. On the other hand, keep in mind that babies need some good bacteria. Pets carry good bacteria which help the children develop an immune system. Furthermore, when the children grow, allow them to play outside and get dirty. The nursery should be a pure environment (as clean as if you were living in the countryside) but it should not be hospital-clean.

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