How Medical negligence Can Affect Your Newborn Baby

There are little things on this world that compare to the joy of welcoming a new life in the family. Regardless of the time and circumstances, a baby is always a blessing, especially for the mother. However, an event like this is also very challenging. For starters, this young soul who is coming to the world is completely helpless and its initial care is not even in the hands of the parents. On the contrary, parents trust their newborn baby with complete strangers due to the fact that they believe in the standard of care provided by the medical world. This trust can sometimes be betrayed and it can lead to serious injuries and even death of the mother or the newborn. Today we are going to approach a less pleasant yet very important subject: medical negligence in birth scenario and the importance of filing a claim for negligence.

  • Types of birth medical negligence

The birth of a child is not a very complicated medical procedure. If we come to think about it, women have been giving birth since the beginning of history and most times they did it successfully without the help of a healthcare provider. However, the reason we turn to doctors for birth procedures is because we want to eliminate all the possible risks that could hurt the new baby or the mother. Still, there are many mistakes that a healthcare provider can make during a delivery such as applying too much force, delaying a caesarean section or oxygen starvation. These cases of procedural medical negligence can cause serious brain injuries, several types of palsy, broken collar bones, shoulder dystocia or horner’s syndrome. There are also a lot of mistakes that can happen even once the baby is born such as infections, failure to monitor the baby’s condition and delay in diagnosing complications.

  • What can you do to protect yourself

As much as a mother would want to protect her newborn child, there are certain situation where there is little to nothing that she can do. However properly informing yourself about birth trauma cases can help you avoid certain situations. It is important to choose an obstetrician with a good record history. It is also important to try to establish a connection with your obstetrician. Make him or her walk you through the whole birth process as well as through possible complication situations. It is possible for your obstetrician to not be available when you will give birth. Ask your current obstetrician who will be caring for you if she or he will be unavailable and see if you are comfortable with the back up doctor.

  • Take action

So far we have told you what can go wrong during a delivery and what you can do in order to protect yourself and your newborn baby. However, if something were to go wrong and your life would be severely affected by medical negligence it is important to take action and file for compensation. Make sure you hire an experienced solicitor specialized in various types of claim for negligence to increase your chances of winning. This will not only ease your life but it will also give you closure and raise awareness of the major impacts of clinical negligence.

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