How Can Enhancement Drugs Affect Men Fertility

Having a baby is a blessing for every parent in the world, because that can bring happiness into your family, and make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive. Still, there are certain factors that can influence fertility, especially when men have passed a certain age, and they are experiencing health problems which can be treated only by taking medicines that affect their sexual life. However, there are many young men who have to deal with blood disorders that lead to a low circulation, and a lack of stimulation in the penis.  Impotence can be translated into the impossibility of sustaining an erection, and while there are many solutions for solving this problem, researchers have found that enhancement drugs are not among them.

The impact of enhancement drugs on men fertility

Enhancement drugs are pills that have the role to help men maintain a healthy sexual life by increasing their chances to treat an erectile dysfunction. Still, although the miracle enhancement pills were  introduced in 1998 with the goal of helping men all over the world, including those who want to be fathers, the latest studies show that sperm can be damaged by this medicine. Therefore, specialists advise those who want to have babies to turn to these pills only after they have tried everything else that could have helped them with their condition. Impotence can be the result of emotional problems, stress, and a bad diet, so make sure that you determine the main factor that has a negative impact on your sexual life. However, you should know that synthetic drugs are not the only remedies for infertility or other erectile dysfunctions. After doing a thorough research and reading countless reviews, we noticed that men who found treatment in natural remedies were far more successful in treating their dysfunctions that men who looked up to miracle blue pills for instant results. 

Enhancement drug experiments

There is evidence that these enhancement drugs can impact negatively sperm, diminishing the chances of fertilization. Furthermore, researches have discovered that these anti-impotence drugs can lead to long term side effects, especially for young man. Dr. David Glenn’s research is based on two experiments, the first one involved exposing sperm to the equivalent of a single 100-milligram tablet, and the other one involved leaving sperm untreated. The results were more than interesting, as in the first case, the sperm became more active and it damaged its acrosome, which is a structure that helps to breaking down the membrane of a woman’s egg. Therefore, the sperm couldn’t get into the egg, and the fertilization didn’t occur. On the other hand, the miracle blue pills are not the only remedies on the market which can treat erectile and fertility dysfunctions.

Is it safe to conceive while using enhancement drugs?

Based on several experiments on animals, the embryos produced by males who were treated with enhancement drugs didn’t suffer any trauma.  So, the fact that the man takes these pills doesn’t imply conceiving a baby with problems. The only thing that can be influenced by this type of pill is the fertilization process. That means that if you already have fertility problems, these drugs might make matters worse, causing more damage instead of helping you overcome your situation.

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