Homemade Baby Food

Breast milk is considered by most mothers, doctors and health associations to be the best nutrition for babies, because it contains all the vitamins and antibodies necessary for a healthy development. Nevertheless, with or without breast milk, there comes a time in your baby’s life when milk and liquids are no longer sufficient to ensure its nutrition, and you need to switch them to a mixed diet of liquids and solids. Knowing what type of baby food to offer your child is very important, and while there may also be supermarket options, homemade baby food is your safest bet.

You will find organic baby food and other healthy pre-made foods in stores, but homemade baby food is definitely better because you control everything you put in there and know with certainty that there are no additives. Moreover, if your baby suffers from various allergies, you may be forced to prepare its food at home in order to make sure nothing harmful makes its way in there. Homemade baby food will also be less expensive, but not every time, so be careful and organized when planning your baby’s meals.

Since purees are among the most common baby foods out there, making your own homemade baby food allows you to avoid colorants, flavors and other additives and choose the vegetables and fruits you and your baby prefer. Thus, you can also choose to make more exotic purees that can’t be found in stores. Another advantage of making your own baby food is that you can use the same vegetables or fruits you use to feed the rest of the family, to make a puree for the baby as well. This way, the baby will get used to the same food the rest of you are eating.

Young mothers may discover that homemade baby food has many conveniences, both for her and her child. The baby foods found in stores are cooked at very high temperatures in order to kill bacteria and allow for longer storage, but this also leads to the depletion of many important vitamins and nutrients. If you purchase your own veggies and fruits, boil or steam and puree them, you can store them in your freezer for up to a month, meaning your shopping and cooking time are drastically reduced, leaving you with more free time for your baby. Nevertheless, cooking all that baby food will take some time to make the first time and you will have to learn how to measure the amounts your child needs to eat.

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