Feeding Schedule for a Baby

It can be quite difficult for a new parent to handle all the needs and wants of a baby, all the feeding, changing and sleeping. When it comes to feeding every stage of a baby´s life brings a certain amount of milk that a baby needs in order to grow strong and healthy. Making a schedule for your baby´s feeding can be very helpful because you will be able to do other thing that worry when it is time to feed the baby again. If you do this at one point the baby will follow this schedule naturally. Here are some tips on how to make a feeding schedule for a baby.

Over the years there have been many debates regarding the feeding of the baby, to be more exact feeding when the baby is hungry or feeding him on demand. Feeding should always occur whet the baby is hungry and not when you planned it. The key to a successful schedule is to build it around your baby´s habits. It you pay attention to your baby´s own time of feeding you will be able to construct one yourself. You will see that as they grow older they will start to eat more but not as often.

If you want to realize faster when you baby is hungry all you have to do is look for the signs which indicate that you baby wants to be fed. You should look for signs like: sucking of the thumb and hand to mouth movements. The faster you see the signs the less chance you have on upsetting your baby. Through this you also prevent a lot of crying coming from your baby, an action which can become exhausting for mothers.

After a few weeks of observing him and his feeding habits you will be able to make a feeding schedule. Most babies ask for food every three or four hours.

As far as when it is time to stop feeding him is concerned we are here to tell you that he will let you know when he has had enough, he will refuse to eat. Now that he has had his feeding all that is left to do is burp him and let him rest for a little while. Whatever you do don´t force you baby to eat more than he wants because that could lead to health problems and you don´t want to hurt you baby.

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