Emotional Development in Newborns

It is very important to know some basic things about emotion development in newborns because when you baby is little you have to pay attention to certain things just to make sure that you baby is healthy both physically and emotionally. Not many people know that newborns can interact emotionally even from the first weeks of his life.

For many years bonding was an emotional process which must be carried on by one of the baby´s parents especially the mother. It is well known that mothers start to bond with their babies before they are born. However, recent researches have showed that babies are born with this bonding emotion which can set the relationship between them and their parents or between them and their caregivers.  If is very interesting the fact that a baby will turn its head when he hears the voice of it mother or will look at its parents faces even though they cannot see clearly in the first stage of their lives.

Emotional language is also very important for a newborn baby and even though they cannot speak that does not mean that they do not express themselves. If you stay put and listen you will see that you baby expresses himself in the way that he can. Even though many people believe that the crying of a baby is a thing which was left to us by our ancestors, some kind of survival instinct we have found today that the way a baby cries means that he expresses his emotions. You will notice in the first few weeks of your baby´s life that he cries different according to his needs and wants.

Facial expressions are also a way through which babies express themselves emotionally. Even though they cannot when they are newborns they can do other things with their face to indicate how they feel. For example, when a baby is interested in something he will open his eyes wide. There are babies who can smile right before they are born but this does not apply to all babies.

As you can see emotional development in newborns is very important and mothers should pay attention to it because this is the only way a newborn can express the way he feels and ask for things he wants. Listen and observe you newborn because this is the only way you can make sure that he is healthy and happy.

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