Cute Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween

Halloween is a great opportunity to have some fun with your family. While there is still some time left, we can’t help but start looking for some unique Halloween costumes ideas. The great thing about shopping in advance is that you can find cheaper costumes. Moreover, we know that you are hyped about your baby’s first Halloween so we won’t judge you if you start looking for costumes now. Whatever costume you choose for your baby, make sure that you and your baby will have a memorable Halloween! Halloween costumes are particularly difficult to make, especially for babies. However, you can get inspired from our ideas and try to make a DIY costume. If you want to learn how to celebrate baby’s first Halloween, find out more below.

Cute outfit ideas for baby girls

The girls would look adorable dressed as fairies, ladybugs, bees, princesses, cats, mermaids, Red Riding Hood, Snow White (Disney version is the best known), strawberries, bunnies, Minnie Mouse, butterflies or even ants. There are a lot of options from where you can choose, don’t forget to visit online stores as well.

Cute outfit ideas for baby boys

Instead of choosing costumes of frightening characters opt for playful characters, such as Puss in Boots, Winnie The Pooh Bear, Tom and Jerry, Despicable Me minions, cute snowman in Frozen, Superman or Spiderman, doctors, policemen, firemen, astronauts, soldiers, Mario or his brother Luigi, Fred Flinstone and many more.

DIY costumes

If you are looking for some unique Halloween costumes 2015 ideas that you can make at home, we have two amazing ideas for you. Both ideas are adorable and very easy to make.

  • Cow costume
    The cow costume can be quickly accomplished using a hooded white blouse, white pants, black wool yarn and black velvet. Cut some spots from black velvet and attach them on the blouse and pants. Keep two pieces of velvet in the form of a triangle to make ears. Tie some wool yarn to achieve a tail and the outfit is done.
  • Dog and cat costumes
    Dog and cat costumes are made so easily. To dress as a puppy, you need to draw the puppy face with makeup. Use velvet to make some oval ears and glue them on the hooded sweatshirt.
    The black cat costume is as easy. You need a blouse and trousers, both black, and black velvet fabric for the ears. Use makeup to achieve nose and whiskers and black gloves. Place a black velvet tail.

Halloween decor

The first Halloween party of your child holds a special meaning and that’s why you should immortalize this moment. If you plan on taking a lot of pictures invest some time in making decorations. You can start by creating a pumpkin lantern. Cut the top of a pumpkin, empty it with the help of a big spoon, cut two triangular eyes and a mouth, and place a small candle to inside. Also, don’t forget to change your “home sweet home” in a scary old house! Spider webs and dust (with baby powder or cocoa powder …) are always welcome. Colored lanterns will create a warm atmosphere. Make fun characters, like little ghosts or bats made of paper or cloth, to hang around your dining room.

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