Child Safety Locks for Doors – Why You Must Install These Devices Right Away

It is well known that children are curious by their nature, and they will probably do everything they can to satisfy this great curiosity, that sometimes leads them to dangerous and harmful actions. This is why most of the parents are securing their houses in every possible manner. Windows, doors, stairs, sockets, little objects they could swallow, scissors and the list goes on. Being preventive at home with your child means fewer worries for you while you are far away from home.
First of all, you should consider securing all your house entries, because kids always want to discover what great things happen on the other side of the door. You can start taking a few precautionary measures because you definitely don’t want to endanger your kid’s safety.

Properly secure all the doors

    • Mount door lock knobs or covers

Anything that your child is able to reach, means danger. There are these doorknob covers, that can be placed over your actual doorknob and prevent your child from using it. Generally, they are easy to install, they use a specific component that needs to be pressed in order to open the door. Most of them fit a standard doorknob, so you don’t need special preparations to mount them.

    • Mount lever handle lock covers

In case your door has a lever handle lock system, well it will be really easy for the kid to rich the lever and pull it down. The covers place over your existing door handle and can be fixed and secured using an adhesive. This is a clever and easy to install solution that accommodates to most of the standard door style handles.

    • Mount a smart lock system

This is another great system, that can keep your kid away from exiting the house and prevents strangers from getting inside. A locking system that doesn’t use actual keys in order to access a door means permanent protection, even during night time. They come with a variety of hi-tech options, so you can choose anything you prefer, smart cards, fingerprint scans and wireless functions. Basically, you can virtually control all your house’s doors access, using your phone or your laptop from any possible place in the world, because all of these systems work using the same principle: they don’t need using real keys.

    • Mount a door monkey

As the name suggests, this system looks like a monkey’s tail. In case your kid gets to open it, the device doesn’t seal the door, but it is able to hold it in place, leaving a really small gap after getting stuck into the door’s frame. Well, there are slight chances for a kid to break this type of system, but assuming that your kid doesn’t have superpowers, you don’t have to worry about this.
Besides these methods of prevention, there are plenty other ways and tricks you can use in order to keep children away from getting self-injured in case they are able to reach the door’s lock.

Attention to fingers!

Who knows what happens in kids’ mind when they are seeing a closing door? Probably it is a new challenge they must desperately win. So putting their little hands in the door’s gap and injuring themselves, it is a risk that you have to see coming sooner or later.

    • Have you heard of restrictor cables?

It is a 20-30 cm cable which you can attach at one side to the door and the other to the door’s frame. This way the door can’t be wide opened and your kid is forced to remain inside without the risk of wounding hands or fingers. The cable can be easily set and fits on any type of door material. In case of an emergency, you can use the restrictor’s key to quickly unlock it.

    • Pinch guards

Are little plastic pieces that come in various sizes, shapes, and colors which you can attach to the door at any height, that can prevent door slams. If your little one pushes harder the door and finally opens it, the risk of self-injuring is gone, thanks to this pinch guard that has been designed to sit on both sides of a door and preventing it from getting completely closed. This simple system is recommended obviously just for inter rooms doors because front doors must always remain securely closed.

    • Pay attention to drawers and cabinets!

You must be careful with cabinets’ doors that are placed at a lower level and can be reached by children. You might use magnetic locks that are not visible on the exterior because they mount on the inside of drawers and cabinets’ doors using a bunch of screws. This way you will be able to open them only when you are using magnetic keys from the outside that come packed with the magnets.

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