The Importance of Breastfeeding

If you are a young mum looking for child health advice, you should know that breast-feeding is very important both for you and your baby. There are many health benefits a mom and her baby can have in this natural process of infant feeding. So if you are eager to find out more about this issue, stick close and read on this article in which we will tell you a few important things you definitely need to know about breastfeeding.

The first thing you need to find out is that feeding your baby directly from your breast can give you both health and financial benefits. Basically, this method of baby-feeding is a natural way of permitting your infant to get all the nourishment she/he needs, in order to stay healthy and grow. The alternative to breast-feeding is bottle feeding or formula feeding. But, you should know that even if many women choose to formula feed their babies over feeding them with breast milk, the best child health advice is to breastfeed as no other way of feeding a newborn can ensure them more health benefits than breastfeeding. This is the main reason why specialists recommend women to feed their babies exclusively with breast milk for the first 6 months. Moreover, they state that babies who consume maternal milk for up to 12 months lower the risk of developing various disorders and illnesses that can occur when they grow older.

However, you should know that not all women are able to breastfeed their newly born child. For various reasons, some moms can lack breast milk, which is why their only alternative in feeding their babies is to use formula. Other women are not permitted to breastfeed their babies, as they need to follow medical prescriptions, after giving birth by caesarean section. If you are among those who have undergone caesarean delivery, you don’t have to worry, as you can still connect with your newborn, even if you have to use infant formula in order to feed him/her. Unfortunately, women who are unable to breastfeed their babies can experience depression and feel some kind of guilt.

If you wonder why breastfeeding is so important, you should know that breast milk is easier to digest for babies and it provides them the nutrients and antibodies they need, in order to grow and stay away from catching various infectious diseases. Furthermore, breast milk helps newborns develop their immune system and also prevents diabetes and childhood obesity. Mothers are given various health benefits as well, among which we can mention that they lower the risk of developing breast cancer, diabetes or ovarian cancer. Nonetheless, feeding your infant with breast milk is cost free, whilst the infant formula won’t keep your money in your pocket.

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