Baby Food and Infant Formula

Baby’s food should be handled very carefully by the mother or the caretaker because an early stage babies do not have a very strong immune system which means that they are exposed to food illnesses. You should pay attention when you are preparing your baby’s food or formula. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to be safe when making food for your baby.

The first step in making safe baby food is to was you hands because hands carry a lot of germs which you can pass on to your child. Germs come from all sources: cats, dogs, when changing diapers or raw food. A tip which not many people know of is to wash your hands after you have handled the food.

Always check the package of you baby’s food because on the label you might find information which says that the food is contaminated:

  • if you want to give you baby food out of a jar you should always look for cracks, rusty lids and for the safety button to be down. Also, when you open the jar it should pop, if it does not that means that the food is not fresh.
  • If you had in mind a a plastic pouch than you should be looking for a any leaks and if the bag has swollen. If you find any of the two or both on the package than you can throw the food away.

Never give your baby food twice from the same jar. If your baby could not finish its food the last time and you put it in the refrigerator it is not a good idea to give it to your baby the second time. This advice applies to when you serve the food directly from the jar. What you should do is take an amount of food which you know you baby will eat on a clean dish and put into the refrigerator the rest.

Another thing which you should never do is put your baby’s spoon in you mouth or anyone else. When you want to convince you baby to try the food simply get another spoon.

When it comes to formula many people say that the best milk is the one given by the mother, breast milk. But when you have no choice you have to choose infant formula. The important things that you should keep in mind are: never give you baby cow milk under the age of a yea rand never give him raw milk because it is full of germs and bacteria.

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