Baby Dry Skin Care

Have you ever wondered how to care for dry skin especially during winter days, well look no further because we are going to give you some tips on how solve your baby’s problem and we will tell what causes it.

If you did not think that babies can suffer from dry skin well we are here to tell you that they can, just like adult do. Actually, because their skin is so delicate and soft it is more predisposed to this condition.

The main cause of dry skin is cold and dry wind, especially the one from the cold season. At the same time if the air is to hot you will have the same problem because the skin of the baby will be out of its natural moisture. Even if you protect you baby from this elements there are still changes to develop dry skin if he is naturally predisposed to it.

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to prevent dry skin on your baby:

  • Make the bath time shorter. When you are giving him a bath along with the dirt the natural oils of the skin are also removed. The time of the bath should be no longer than 10 minutes.
  • When you wash you baby make sure that you do not use hot water and that the soap is soft and as chemical free as possible. The soap is made out of a lot of chemicals which dry up the skin.
  • You should leave the washing time at the end of the bath. First let you baby play in the water and afterwards you can start to wash him. It is best that he does not stay in the water full of soap.
  • If you think that using bath oils will help we advise you not to use them. The only reason why we advise you not to use oil during your baby’s bath is because it is very dangerous, it becomes slippery.
  • Always moisturize your baby after every bath. All you have to do is dry him up and apply the body cream.
  • After each bath in the pool or at the sea wash your baby with tap water in order to remove the chemicals and salt.
  • If the air in your house is too dry consider buying a humidifier.

Knowing these tips on how to care for dry skin will resolve a lot of your problems and you will not have a baby with dry skin.

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