Baby Bathing

A newly born child requires a lot of caring and attention from parents, and since he/she is so little and unable to voice his/her thoughts, you should make sure that your baby has everything needed, in order to be happy and grow healthy. As you might have guessed by now, there are many things a mom should be aware of, in order to care properly for her newborn. Luckily, these days, there are tons of specialized sites and personal blogs that can come in handy for new moms, who can find themselves in various situations of not knowing how to cope with their newborns. It is no secret that some moms are afraid of harming their babies, when swaddling or bathing them, which is why they come to experience stress and feel insecure. Moreover, you should know that many new moms don´ t know precisely what to do, when their baby cries a lot, even for hours.

Baby bathing is very important task both moms and dads have in fulfilling their role as parents. This task should not be so hard to accomplish, so if you follow a few simple steps we provide in here, it will surely be piece of cake for you. Anyway, the first thing you need to consider is to avoid giving your baby a bath right after breastfeeding or bottle feeding him or her. The next thing you should do regarding baby bathing is to fill the bath tub with about 5 inches of water, so that your baby´ s shoulders can be well covered. Keep in mind the fact that the bath shouldn’t be filled with water which can cover your baby´ s head.

In a sitting position, waist-high water is enough for giving your newborn a bath. Another important thing you should be aware of is to check the water’s temperature, prior to putting your baby in the bath tub. The best way to make sure that the water’ s temperature is right for baby bathing is to use a thermometer, which will indicate you exactly the difference between hot and warm water. You don´ t want to have your baby crying because of too hot water, so make sure to wash him or her with warm water which will relax and give him/her a pleasant experience. You can use a mild soap or a pH neutral shampoo to wash you baby, but keep in mind to use your fingertips, instead of nails, when washing you infant, as newborns have extremely sensitive skin. Baby bathing should not be a challenge, rather a pleasant activity allowing parents to connect with their newborns.

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