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Keep Your Newborn Room Safe with the Latest Gadgets

The arrival of a new member of the family is always a big event, which can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it is the first time happening. Everybody is eager to see the baby, and you, as a parent-to-be start thinking about how to make everything right for your little one’s health and safety. You will pay attention to the materials used when renovating the baby’s room, you’ll look for furniture that hasn’t been chemically treated and allergen-free bedding and little clothes.

But, there’s still the question if you will be able to keep your little one safe every moment of the day. It is actually every parent’s worry, and your parents have struggled with it as well. But they managed to pull things through, and you came up just fine, so you should just take a moment to relax and think that, fortunately, you are living in an era when baby monitoring is at hand. You’ve got plenty of devices designed to control air quality, humidity, temperature, and even the baby’s vital signs, so your job has just become easier.

If the nursery is ready, the next step is to turn it smart, and we’ve prepared some gadget ideas. Many parents already view these products as mandatory, so you should consider expand your baby room budget and get the best for your child.

Air Purifier

You have just painted the room, haven’t you? Then cleaned it thoroughly, even disinfected it. And brought in new furniture. That’s perfect, as your little one deserves the best. But the bad news is that paint may have released some VOCs, and the cleaning products may have done the same. Moreover, new furniture can carry allergens and other pollutants that stick to it during the production process. To put it short, the air may not be as clean as you would expect. Not to mention that contaminants can easily get inside. An open window will bring in pollen and dust while your pets, no matter how clean they are, will leave behind fur and dander. Even you can be a source if you come from outside carrying pollen on your clothes.

Babies are more sensitive than adults when it comes to air pollution, so solving this problem should be your priority. Luckily, an air purifier is at hand, and the most effective in fighting this problem, according to specialists. Just make sure to get one with a HEPA filter and CARB certification, which is the one that guarantees it won’t catch on fire. Besides that, your device should be able to cover the entire room while maintaining a low sound level. You could also get one with a monitoring function, which will measure pollution levels and adjust its activity to fight it efficiently.


Small infants tend to struggle with nasal congestion during their first months of life, and this is usually caused by low humidity. As the air lacks moisture, their tiny airways become dry, making breathing more difficult. This is actually one of the causes of their night restlessness.

If it is relatively easy to find a suitable air purifier, with humidifiers things may not go as smoothly as you expect. Multiple criteria need to be considered, and you will probably go through tens of reviews until you can get a unit to encompass them all, starting from the technology behind, which should produce cool mist only, and ending with details designed to ensure your baby’s comfort, like noise level or light options. You must also make sure the device comes with an auto shut-off function and different speed settings that will allow you to adjust humidity levels.

Note that some models are specifically designed for nurseries and come with funny animal shapes, star projections for the ceiling, or soothing lights. Many of them follow the safety criteria we’ve described, and some even come with a built-in hygrometer that helps them automatically adjust moisture output.

Baby Monitor

This is no longer a novelty among new parents, and many of them will tell you that getting the right device will bring you a few extra hours of sleep every night. Trust us, you will cherish them when the beautiful but extremely tiring parent life begins.

However, what you need to decide at this point is what type of monitor you will need. You could get an analog model, which is the cheapest of all, but most models aren’t safe enough, according to some parents, who have used them, as the signal can be picked up by another device. It wasn’t uncommon in the past for neighbors to listen to full conversations through the baby monitor. Hence, today’s increasing popularity of digital models. Even if you will pay more, you can get the assurance that no one’s listening. Plus, the quality of the signal is far superior, making it easier for you to distinguish between your baby’s cry and background sounds.

You should also decide if you are going to get an audio-only or a video and audio system. The second option is the most reliable, as you will be able to check on your baby on your phone or laptop every time you hear a suspicious noise, all without entering the room and waking them up. Additionally, if you go for this option, make sure to get the night vision.

Digital Room Thermometer

Another parameter that needs to be kept under control, temperature can influence the baby’s comfort and sleep. If the room is too cold, your little one can come up with colds more often or even develop breathing problems. At the same time, they may experience shivers through the night, which is the body’s way to increase its temperature. On the other hand, if it is too hot, your baby will sweat, and imagine how uncomfortable this could be when you are wearing a diaper.

A digital thermometer hung on the wall or placed on a nightstand can offer you accurate temperature readouts that can help you adjust the power of your heating or cooling system. Furthermore, some of these devices can measure humidity as well, so you can keep track of two variables at the same time.

Smart Sock Baby Monitor

New parents’ highest fear is that their child may stop breathing in their sleep without them noticing. SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is the main cause of death in infants under one year old, and this has been linked to the sleep position. Thus, babies who sleep on their stomachs are more prone to suffocate in their sleep, as they tend to inhale the same air they exhale, thus breathing more CO2.

Although this problem is rare, you could avoid it by teaching your little one to sleep on their back. But, even so, many parents still live with the worry and find it difficult to rest because of it. Fortunately, the solution is already available on large scale, and it consists of a smart sock baby monitor. Thus, you attach the smart sock to your baby’s little foot and start monitoring their heart rate and oxygen levels, making sure they stay safe during their sleep. These devices can pair with your phone and even alert you through push notifications if they detect an irregularity.


Parents would do anything to know their child is safe, so it is normal to be worried. But the world has changed twice since you were a kid, and parenting has become a bit easier. There’s still the struggle of adapting to the new life, but with all the technology around, you can get more sleep and be able to enjoy the beautiful moments of this full-time job. You may think that you won’t need all of this, or, if the budget doesn’t allow it, you may need to make a selection. In this case, you will want to follow your instinct. If your baby is sleeping in the same room with you, you can skip the baby monitor and the smart socks. However, if you live in an area with high pollution, you should pick a high-quality air purifier and restrict access to the nursery while if your home is positioned in a desert area, the humidifier is a must.

Where Baby 12’s Come From

If you love football and are expecting a new addition to the family, you will likely want to start early indoctrinating them into the life of a Seattle Seahawk 12. Seattle babies come into the world screaming, but that’s because they’re getting their lungs ready for football games. Babies born in the Pacific Northwest are the lucky ones because they automatically joint the elite club of 12’s. If there’s a little 12 on the way, then there’s a good chance that they will learn early on about what it means to be a Seahawks fan.

Fan Gear

Before Baby 12 even arrives they are bound by the rules:

  1. All fans wear blue on Fridays and game days, and there is no age restriction. Dress the newest fan up in some game day gear, but make sure they are warm enough in case it’s cold out. A safe bet is a Seahawks onesie, green and blue socks, and a beanie.
  2. Don’t stand up during a play. As the saying goes, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work. If there is a play in progress, everyone must stay where they are.
  3. SCREAM as loudly as possible during touchdowns! Remember that it gets very noisy during games, even if they’re just in the family room. Baby 12 might be more comfortable wearing noise-canceling headphones.

Nursery Decor

Giving the nursery a Hawks theme is a fun, gender-neutral idea that easily transitions a baby into a child. Treat its decor like any other Seahawks-themed room. Some tips include:

  • Buy crib sheets in shades of blue and green, or find custom orders online. Do the same with other linens like curtains and blankets.
  • Frame special jerseys and retired t-shirts and hang them on Baby’s walls.
  • Don’t forget about the 12 motif! Find creative ways to subtly add the number 12 around the room.

The Real Experience

Whenever it feels as though Baby can handle it, take them and their headphones to an actual game! The atmosphere and buzz of excitement at a Seahawks game really can’t be matched. The tiny 12 might be young, but experiences matter; if nothing else, it’s a great time for family bonding.

Pacific Northwesterners are proud of their culture and their reputation. They support their team in good times and bad, and what’s better: they teach their children to do the same. The spirit of the 12s continues to live on.

Sleep Positions While Pregnant – Keep Yourself and the Baby Comfortable

Pregnancy is a gorgeous part of your life that brings you many changes and many new feelings that you have never experienced before. Aside from the wonderful emotions, pregnancy also brings some unpleasantness that will force you to change some of your old habits, one of which is sleeping. If you used to prefer a certain sleeping style, you will notice that you will have to reconsider them once your baby bump gets bigger. In order to feel comfortable and to ensure the baby is comfortable as well, you must know some useful tips that will improve your sleep.
Usually, women don’t experience any discomfort in sleeping during the first trimester because the tummy is relatively small. However, as the pregnancy advances, chances are they will no longer be able to sleep the way they used to so they have to find a new position that will benefit both them and the baby. Here are the regular body positions during sleep and how each one affects the pregnant woman.

Stomach sleeping

If you use to sleep on your stomach, you will soon notice that is no longer possible because the belly will start to grow more and more each month. As such, you will most probably feel a discomfort when sleeping on your stomach around month 4 of pregnancy. This sleeping position is not healthy for the baby because you will put pressure on the uterus and it will also keep you from breathing properly.

Back sleeping

Back sleeping is also not recommended because the bump could press on your organs and spine as it relaxes. It will also make breathing harder and could give you a suffocating sensation during the night. Most doctors advise future-to-be-moms to avoid back sleeping especially during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Side sleeping

What else is left? Side sleeping, and the left side is the most appropriate because it facilitates blood circulation so that the nutritious blood can reach the placenta without any obstacle. By sleeping on your left, you will also avoid crushing your liver under the expanding weight of your body. Of course, you will also roll on your right during the night and this isn’t something wrong but you will notice that you will turn to the left side shortly after.
Even if you fall asleep in one of these positions, chances are you will end up on your back or tummy at some point but this is no reason to panic. Don’t worry if this happens because it doesn’t mean you hurt the baby, it’s very normal to flip on every side throughout the night. The fact you wake up when it happens means that your body senses you are not comfortable and you will immediately switch to your left or right side.

Tips for a more restful sleep

Even after finding the proper sleeping position, you might have troubles falling asleep for various causes like heartburn, back pain, or shortness of breath. Thankfully, you have some things at hand that you can appeal to if you want to improve the way you sleep.

    • Change your pillow

Same as the mattress you choose for the bed, the pillow also counts when it comes to a restful sleep. The texture of the pillow matters, so make sure you get one that molds to the shape of your head so that you won’t hurt your back or neck. For a smooth breathing and the best of sleeps recommended a memory foam pillow with a bamboo cover that is totally anti-allergenic and soft to touch. The bamboo protects your face and airways from impurities by naturally repelling them, while the memory foam will provide a soft yet firm sleeping surface.

    • Use many pillows

Aside from the pillow you lay your head on, you can also use multiple smaller pillows to support your belly or your legs. At some point, the belly will be very heavy and it will be useful to have a soft pillow to place under it and sustain its weight. Another pillow to sustain the leg that remains on top will help you achieve a more comfortable position and will ensure you will not wake up multiple times during the night.

    • Sleep upright

No, we don’t mean you should sleep standing but a more upright position could help you reduce the discomfort felt when laying down. You can use some books to raise one side of the bed so that you will enjoy a more upright position or you can add a smaller pillow under the pillow you sleep on. This will help ease your heartburn and will facilitate breathing.

Why to consider breast augmentation after pregnancy


Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experience of a woman’s life. It brings joy to mothers and people around her. Pregnancy has a big impact on a woman’s body and changes her breasts. Oftentimes, mommies are not satisfied by the way their breasts look after childbirth and want to make some improvements. Women are preoccupied more and more about their aspect and want to look good after having a baby too. There are some things women need to know before choosing to make this step.     

A professional team will help you obtain a good result

First, you need to do some research and find a team that is suitable for your needs. If you opt for cosmetic surgery london you will receive high quality services provided by experienced staff. It is important to trust the people that will be with you during this process. Remember that this surgery will have a big impact on your mental and physical health, so choose a good clinic in London. A good doctor will care about your needs and will be a support for you in these moments.

It will boost your self-esteem

Many women deal with a low self-esteem after giving birth. The return of your body at its initial state could be a long process. Usually, breasts become saggy after giving birth, which is normal. Self-confidence is an essential element that helps people have a positive and happy life. Having a breast augmentation surgery will help you be more satisfied about the way you look. You will be more confident which is a very important thing. Many women want to look good after childbirth; this is why breast augmentation is becoming more and more popular.

Breast augmentation techniques improve day by day

It is important to keep that in mind in order to feel safe and relaxed. These procedures are more and more safe and reliable due to the fineness in surgical techniques and advanced technology. Silicone implants are high quality and the risk of damaging is very low. If you want a natural form, anatomical implants are designed to satisfy your needs. They come in a vast variety of sizes and projections, suitable for any body type.

It is important to know what to expect

Having a breast implant means that in the recovery period you will have to avoid any kind of effort. You should avoid picking up heavy weights including your baby too. It all depends on how fast you recover. After the surgery, you need to rest, so think if you can do that while taking care of your baby. It is important to know that you should wait at least three months after you finished breast-feeding. During the pregnancy and breast-feeding, your breasts are changing because of the hormones. When the breast-feeding period is over, your boy will go back on its initial state.

Having a breast augmentation surgery after pregnancy is beneficial especially if you want to improve your appearance. Keep in mind that a professional team of doctors could make wonders, so take your time to do some research first. The new technology guarantees safety and good results, so there is no need to worry about that.

How Accurate Are First Response Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy test is one of the simplest ways to determine whether you are pregnant or not, being very easy to use and delivering fast results. So, if you think you may be pregnant, you can confidently choose such a test without visiting a doctor. One of the greatest advantages of the available pregnancy tests is that they come at a very reasonable price and they are quite accurate, being preferred by many women who want to find out for sure if they are pregnant or not. Some of the most accurate tests you can currently find on the market are the First Response pregnancy tests, including the Early Result Pregnancy Test, so if you want to learn more about this particular product, keep reading the following lines.

How the Early Result Pregnancy Test Work

The test is rather simple to use, being very similar to other products, with the exception that it’s more accurate and can tell you if you’re pregnant six days prior to your missed period, namely 5 days before the expected period. It works by detecting if your urine contains the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced by your body during pregnancy and its levels double every 72 hours for a period of up to 11 weeks, then the levels begin to decline. In order to use it, you just have to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and wait for 3 minutes to read the results. You will know that the test is working if you see in the easy read result window a pink color moving across. The result is positive if there appear two pink lines and negative if there’s only one line. As you can see, using the product is quite easy and it offers you the convenience of finding out if you’re pregnant right in the comfort of your own home.

Over 99% Accuracy

Unlike many other tests, the First Response is over 99% accurate, starting from the day of the expected period. This percent comes after many tests made in laboratories, so this is a proven fact. According to the results from the samples of pregnant women, the test is 76 % accurate 5 days before the expected period and 96% accurate 4 days before the same period. Starting with the third day before the expected period, the results are more than 99% accurate, which is quite impressive. Nevertheless, there are cases in which the test may not be very accurate and there are usually three main reasons why this happens. The first is that you may have miscalculated the first day of the period, the second is that you may not have a detectable amount of hCG in the urine, and the third is that you may haven’t use the test properly. If one of these happens, it’s recommended that you begin another test by using a new device.

About the First Response Brand

The brand is one of the most popular ones because it offers accurate and user-friendly products to their users. There are various products sold under the name of this brand, including ovulation and pregnancy tests, fertility-friendly lubricants, as well as vitamin supplements for receiving the necessary nutrients before pregnancy or during the pregnancy period. Additionally, if you visit the online website, you can use the ovulation calculator to find out which are your fertile days, or the due date calculator that will help you estimate when you can expect your baby. In what concerns the pregnancy tests, there are various products to choose from, including the early result test that delivers the results in 3 minutes. Also, you can opt for the rapid result test that can be used on the day of your missed period, being able to show the results in less than one minute.


Since the accuracy is the most important aspect when choosing a pregnancy test, the First Response is definitely one of the best options on the market. With the help of this device, you will no longer have to make an appointment to the doctor to see if you’re pregnant or not. Furthermore, according to the many positive reviews of women who have tried the products from this brand, all of them are reliable options when you need to know for sure if you’re pregnant or not.

Why you should consider labiaplasty after childbirth


After childbirth, you will experience many different changes that will make you believe that you are not healthy. But you shouldn’t worry because most of these changes are completely normal and yor body will come to normal during time.  Therefore, you need to understand your body before starting to become nervous. Some changes will be more uncomfortable than others and when something like that will happen, you will have to go to a doctor and explain him or her your problem. One of the most common problems is that your labia minora will become too large. You need to calm down because some specialists will know exactly what to do in order to fix this problem faster. You may need a labia minora reduction, but don’t worry because this procedure is extremely normal and efficient. Don’t forget to be very careful when choosing the right doctors if you want to take advantage of the best services possible.

Prevent infections

In many cases, an enlarged labia minora can lead to different infections considering the fact that it can trap some moisture or urine. You have to be very careful because it can be very dangerous if you will experience more than two or three infections per year. You need to visit a doctor and ask about the best solutions because you need to solve this problem as soon as possible. It is better to prevent such infections than to treat them because you will waste a lot of money and you will experience unpleasant situations. It is recommended to visit a centre for surgery in order to get rid of this annoying problem because only specialists will be able to offer you the best services. You can wait a period in order to discover if your labia will go back to normal because this problem can be temporary. But if months will pass and nothing seems to change, you will have to get in touch with a doctor.

Get rid of discomfort and embarrassment

If your labia minora is making you feel very uncomfortable all the time or only when you wear certain clothes, it means that it will be very difficult for you to live with this problem. This is the reason why you have to make this discomfort disappear very soon. The reduction procedure is not very complicated because the excess will be removed very fast and easy and you will be able tor recover extremely fast if you will listen to the doctor’s advice.

Engage in all type of activities

If your main problem is that you need to change your lifestyle because the labia is causing a great discomfort and almost pain when doing something special like riding a bike, it means that you will become nervous very often. Even during a sexual act, you will feel very uncomfortable and this will make you become very tense. Don’t let this issue destroy your life since you have the possibility to change something. There are many women from all around the world who do that, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed at all.


Cute Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween

Halloween is a great opportunity to have some fun with your family. While there is still some time left, we can’t help but start looking for some unique Halloween costumes ideas. The great thing about shopping in advance is that you can find cheaper costumes. Moreover, we know that you are hyped about your baby’s first Halloween so we won’t judge you if you start looking for costumes now. Whatever costume you choose for your baby, make sure that you and your baby will have a memorable Halloween! Halloween costumes are particularly difficult to make, especially for babies. However, you can get inspired from our ideas and try to make a DIY costume. If you want to learn how to celebrate baby’s first Halloween, find out more below.

Cute outfit ideas for baby girls

The girls would look adorable dressed as fairies, ladybugs, bees, princesses, cats, mermaids, Red Riding Hood, Snow White (Disney version is the best known), strawberries, bunnies, Minnie Mouse, butterflies or even ants. There are a lot of options from where you can choose, don’t forget to visit online stores as well.

Cute outfit ideas for baby boys

Instead of choosing costumes of frightening characters opt for playful characters, such as Puss in Boots, Winnie The Pooh Bear, Tom and Jerry, Despicable Me minions, cute snowman in Frozen, Superman or Spiderman, doctors, policemen, firemen, astronauts, soldiers, Mario or his brother Luigi, Fred Flinstone and many more.

DIY costumes

If you are looking for some unique Halloween costumes 2015 ideas that you can make at home, we have two amazing ideas for you. Both ideas are adorable and very easy to make.

  • Cow costume
    The cow costume can be quickly accomplished using a hooded white blouse, white pants, black wool yarn and black velvet. Cut some spots from black velvet and attach them on the blouse and pants. Keep two pieces of velvet in the form of a triangle to make ears. Tie some wool yarn to achieve a tail and the outfit is done.
  • Dog and cat costumes
    Dog and cat costumes are made so easily. To dress as a puppy, you need to draw the puppy face with makeup. Use velvet to make some oval ears and glue them on the hooded sweatshirt.
    The black cat costume is as easy. You need a blouse and trousers, both black, and black velvet fabric for the ears. Use makeup to achieve nose and whiskers and black gloves. Place a black velvet tail.

Halloween decor

The first Halloween party of your child holds a special meaning and that’s why you should immortalize this moment. If you plan on taking a lot of pictures invest some time in making decorations. You can start by creating a pumpkin lantern. Cut the top of a pumpkin, empty it with the help of a big spoon, cut two triangular eyes and a mouth, and place a small candle to inside. Also, don’t forget to change your “home sweet home” in a scary old house! Spider webs and dust (with baby powder or cocoa powder …) are always welcome. Colored lanterns will create a warm atmosphere. Make fun characters, like little ghosts or bats made of paper or cloth, to hang around your dining room.

How to Decorate an Eco Nursery

The nursery, is the first place that the baby will know as home. It is a room, where they should feel safe and secure. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that their homes are filled with numerous unseen toxins and pollutants. At the other pole, a lot of young parents are overprotective and they might develop a bacteria phobia out of the concern for their baby’s well being. Today, we want to teach you how to decorate an Eco-nursery. We will tell you about the real dangers in your home and the proper ways of protecting your baby’s health.

Step 1: Non toxic wall paint

Painting the walls is generally the first step of decorating a room and a lot of people are unaware of the dangers posed by wall paint. If you want to protect your baby from all possible treats, make sure to buy an Eco paint. The paint should be odorless and 100% VOC free.

Step 2: General cleaning

Before you start shopping for baby furniture and decorations, we advise you to do a general cleaning of the room. Don’t use any chemical based cleaning products in order to clean the nursery. Instead, use a steam cleaner which will disinfect the room without leaving behind any toxic byproducts.

Step 3: Identify pollution threats

If you live in a small town or the countryside, you needn’t worry about pollution too much. It is necessary for the baby to come in contact with certain bacteria, so that they can develop a healthy immune system. However, if you live downtown a crowded city, you need to find a way to tone down the pollution levels in your home, especially in the nursery. We advise you to check out some air purifier reviews from It is best if you avoid ozone generating air purifiers and focus on Eco air cleaners which use the purifying properties of plants.

Step 4: Organic crib mattress

Mattresses are perfect environments for the development of bacteria. Furthermore, traditional mattresses are built with toxic materials such as polyurethane foam, PVC and much more. Given the fact that a baby sleeps 10-14 hours per day, it is essential to find the best baby mattress 2015, preferably an Eco mattress which will pose no threat to the baby. Keep in mind that certain mattresses are labeled as organic but they can still contain toxic materials such as vinyl coverings. Make sure to read the label properly and choose only the best baby mattress 2015.

A lot of people frown on overprotective parents and they say when they were young parents, they didn’t worry this much and their children turned out just fine. However, these people are unaware of the fact that our world has changed greatly in the last decades and our environment is a lot more toxic than it used to be. On the other hand, keep in mind that babies need some good bacteria. Pets carry good bacteria which help the children develop an immune system. Furthermore, when the children grow, allow them to play outside and get dirty. The nursery should be a pure environment (as clean as if you were living in the countryside) but it should not be hospital-clean.

The Importance of Monitoring the Humidity in the Nursery

The nursery is not just a pink or blue room filled with fluffy decorations. It is the baby’s first home, a room where he must be safe at all times. When considering the safety of the nursery, a lot of people think that they don’t have much to worry with newborns. Yes, toddlers can get in a lot of trouble, requiring the house to be baby proofed, but how can a newborn get harmed in the nursery? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that you need to monitor the temperature in the room, but few people realize the importance of a proper humidity level. Let’s talk a bit about the importance of keeping an eye on the air humidity level in the nursery.

Dangers of low humidity

Babies, newborns in particular have a very sensitive skin. As they are used to the high humidity inside the womb, it can take a while for them to adjust to an airy surrounding. As such, in their first couple of months, they will need a higher humidity level in the room. In order to protect your baby from skin rashes, it is best if you buy a humidifier. Consider a warm mist humidifier that you place as far away from the crib as possible (since the humidifier features a tank filled with hot water). Cold mist humidifiers can decrease the temperature in a room which is not recommended for the nursery.

Dangers of high humidity

Generally, the rooms with the highest humidity levels in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Nevertheless, if you have a poor insulation and you live in a very humid area, high humidity may affect all the rooms in your house, including the nursery. The first sign of humidity is moisture on the windows or the furniture. The next step is the development of dust mites, mold and mildew. Exposure to these contaminants can cause allergies. High humidity can also cause a runny nose and an excessively high humidity level can even raise the baby’s body temperature. If you notice that you have serious humidity levels in the nursery, check out the 2017 dehumidifiers reports and choose a dehumidifier adequate for the nursery.

Which is the right humidity level for the nursery?

For adults, an appropriate humidity level ranges somewhere in between 35% and 45%. However, as we mentioned, babies need a higher level. Pediatricians advise young parents to keep the humidity level in the nursery in between 50-70%. If you want to save some money, forget sophisticated nursery monitors. If you read the 2015 dehumidifiers reports, you will see that the best dehumidifiers come with integrated humidistats and you can program the dehumidifier to run within your chosen settings.

Is Coffee One of the Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding

Many women are very careful to eat only healthy foods during their pregnancy, but they forget to do the same after they give birth. It is true that nursing moms need to eat more than other women, but they need to know what foods to avoid when breastfeeding their babies.

Breastfeeding has many health benefits that your baby must take advantage of. As a matter of fact, it has been proved that breastfed children are more resistant to certain illnesses, such as stomach viruses and ear infections. They have a lower risk of developing allergies or becoming obese as they grow old. One of the most important things is that breast milk has a positive impact on the baby’s intelligence, which means that he/she can develop important skills from a fragile age.

Mothers who breastfeed also have many advantages. They have lower chances to develop breast or ovarian cancer. Postpartum depression is also an illness they can avoid by nursing their child. However, nursing moms must take some measures regarding this issue, and learn more about what foods to avoid when breastfeeding.

All you eat and drink reflects in the milk you feed to your child. That is why you must be very careful and avoid certain aliments. Caffeine can make your little one very nervous and agitated. If you drink big amounts of coffee, soda or black tea, the caffeine will end up in your breast milk, and eventually your baby will ingest it. That is one of the reasons why your baby might have some of the following symptoms:

  • Crankiness and irritability;
  • Sleeplessness and nervousness;
  • Excessive crying.

It’s true that taking care of a baby might be exhausting, and you might need something to make the tiredness go away, but a baby who will cry instead of sleeping only makes things worst. So, try to avoid all caffeinated beverages. Our advice for you would be to read some coffee maker customer reviews and pick a coffee machine which can also prepare decaf beverages. According to the latest customer reviews, the latest coffee machines, can prepare a wide variety of beverages, including decaf coffee.

There are many dietary guidelines that involve teaching women more about what foods to avoid when breastfeeding. Having coffee during nursing can have some bad effects on the baby, so it’s best to avoid it.

Another important thing that mothers need to know is that they can transmit stress and fatigue through their milk. Stressed babies are a consequence of women breastfeeding while being nervous. So, if you have a problem that can interfere with your baby’s wellbeing, stop nursing for a while.

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