About Baby Acne

If you have a baby have you ever wondered about baby acne, a condition which can affect your baby? Probably not because most people, when they hear the word acne, they think of teenagers. Well we are here to tell you that baby acne affects 1 of 5 babies. The condition is also known as acne neonatorum and it affects the chin, forehead and cheeks.  The best way to treat this type of condition is to leave it alone even though it might be hard for you as apparent to see you baby suffering from acne. If your baby has acne he will have it until about 4 months old. Babies who have acne have great chances of no developing it when they are teenagers.

As a parent it can be somewhat frightening to see you baby with acne but what most people do not know is that it is a very common condition but it is not so talked about it. Babies are not born with acne, it usually starts to develop a few weeks after they are born and it usually does not last more than a couple of months. If you feel that there is something wrong with you baby then you should take him to the doctor as soon as possible.

Baby acne usually develops when the skin of the baby tries to get out all the hormones that are left in his body from when he was in his mothers´ belly. It develops because the pores get blocked, the same reason why teenagers develop acne.

Most parents go immediately to the doctor when they see that their baby has acne and they demand to be given lotions and pills. Another thing parents do is over care for their baby, they care for their baby as if they are sick. This behavior is completely wrong because there is no treatment for it and the best way is to leave them to disappear on their own. If you start giving him pills or apply lotions you can damage you baby´s skin and you do not want that. Just let the glands of the skin do their work. Moreover, if your doctor insists on giving the baby medication, try to resist the temptation, unless the issue is quite grave. Otherwise, you risk over-medicating the baby, and then the first to blame will be the doctor; going through a negligence case is the last thing you need when your baby is ill, and finding a good medical negligence solicitor is very difficult. Moreover, in cases where the patient is a minor, and is then represented by his parents or guardians, the medical negligence solicitor can claim up to 25% of the compensation. So instead of complicating your life further, just do your best to keep calm and to wait for the situation to return to normal on its own.

These are some of the things that you should know about baby acne if your baby suffers from it. It is noting to be alarmed over because it does not affect the health of your baby and you do not have to do anything.

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