5 Tips for Baby’s Skin

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs special care. Your baby’s skin is more fragile and more sensitive than that of an adult. Anything, from skin care products to natural elements can cause irritation.Find out how you can protect your baby’s skin, reading the five tips below.

  • Keep your baby clean and dry by changing the diapers frequently. That can mean to wake up in the middle of the night to change the baby’s diaper.  Clean well the diaper’s area at each diaper change with warm water, but do not rub the skin.
  • Use an anti-irritation cream after changing the diapers; it helps protect the baby’s skin. There are some ‘barrier’ ointments on the market for a better protection of the baby’s skin.
  • Leave him the diaper a little larger or use slightly larger diapers to allow air to circulate. Also, try other brand to see which one is better for your baby.
  • If the weather is nice and warm and your kid can play outside or in a room where the floor can be cleaned easily, it is advisable not to use diapers or ointment for as long as possible every day. Exposure to air will quicken healing.
  • Let the baby’s bottom naked during sleep whenever he has a rash. Place a plastic under the sheet not to wet the mattress.

The best preventive measure against baby’s skin rash is a dry bottom, so change as quickly as you can the wet or dirty diapers.

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